Finding Affordable Housing as a College Student in NYC


Although we all know that life in NYC is crazily expensive and easily becomes challenging, it is not entirely true, as you can still find affordable housing. It only takes time to research various options and know where to look. The first challenge that you might encounter is related to a highly competitive rental market, which can be both good and bad, depending on how you look at it. It will always come down to the location and proximity to your school if you choose to live off campus. Choosing from over 250 different neighborhoods can become an issue, so let’s narrow things down a bit!

Affordable Housing as a College Student in NYC


The website will instantly ask if you are a US resident looking for an apartment to serve you better, as many international students are eligible for special discounts and different housing options. It is recommended to start looking for an apartment early and have it reserved for you. Simply navigate to NYC and see the price differences, depending on your budget. You can also search by apartment types and amenities to narrow things down. After all, you need some space to do homework and avoid distractions. Speaking of homework, you may always send a write my essay for me message to an expert who will assist you with your struggles when you are on the move and need some peace of mind to get things done!


This website is a bit different as it will offer housing in NYC and provide you with updated information regarding enrollment, special campaigns for students, vaccination rules, campus safety, and much more. If you have never been to NYC in the past and want to learn more, this resource is second to none. It provides updated information, which is quite useful as you won’t have to deal with outdated prices or something that is not relevant any longer.

– NYC’s Craigslist.

The chances are high that you have used Craigslist before, so why not use it for renting research? The best thing is that you will be able to find lots of things for sale that you might need as you rent a room, especially if it is without any furniture. You may also see various job listings if you would like to enter the freelance market and add to your student budget. Living in NYC, you will find numerous options! Do not forget to check the shared rooms if you do not mind renting with a roommate.


It offers concierge closing prices and a curated collection of apartments and rooms that you can rent in NYC. It also provides you with access to local experts who can assist you in case of special needs or specific creative requirements. If it’s homework issues that prevent you from thinking straight, you may check this and get some stress off your shoulders before you start. Try to get out more and talk to people before you see different deals, as it will make you less biased and more confident!

Things to Consider in NYC as a Student

Without a doubt, the most important factor to consider is the presence of an affordable solution with access to the subway that can basically get you anywhere. Nevertheless, there are locations that are more student-friendly, thus less expensive, with various nightlife options if you are after that. Some of such locations include Upper Manhattan Washington Heights and Upper Manhattan because of the proximity to Columbia University. At the same time, if you are enrolled at NYU, you must consider Queens Bushwick and Manhattan Long Island City, among others. Finally, in case the City University of New York is where you are, consider Murray Hill and Queens Astoria for some affordable housing and amazing social life options.


William Fontes loves NYC and believes that it offers one of the most varied and high-quality educational options. As an educator with a passion for traveling and research, he loves to write and discover the best ways to help students of all backgrounds. Follow William to unfold your creativity and discover NYC.

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