Finding the Best Laundry Service in Long Island, NY – 6 Quick Ways


There’s nothing worse than doing laundry on your own, especially when you live in a busy area like Long Island. You will need a reliable laundry service that will ensure that your clothes are folded, cleaned, pressed, and delivered to your door quickly and efficiently.

It can be tough to find a good laundry service in Long Island, New York. So, to find the best, you need to know where to look and how to read the reviews. We’ll help.

Top 6 Ways to Find a Reliable Laundry Service in Long Island

Read on these 6 ways to find a reliable laundry service in Long Island.

1. Ask Friends and Family

To start the process of finding a laundry service, ask your friends and family who they use for laundry services. Also, ask their thoughts about the service they’re currently using.

Once you’ve gathered enough feedback from your friends and family, use Google to search for the phrase “laundry services near me.” This will give you a decent list of local service providers who meet your needs.

2. Check Yelp

With the increase in competition between laundry services in Long Island, it’s important to conduct some research in order to find the best laundry services in Long Island.

There are many reviews on sites such as Yelp that will help consumers find the best laundry services in Long Island. These reviews are often posted by actual customers of a business. This information is especially useful for people who are looking for a reliable laundry service in Long Island.

3. Google Yourself

When searching for a local laundry service, consumers often use the online search engine to look for reviews from friends or family members or to check out ratings online. However, many people overlook the power of Google Search, which allows them to search for local businesses themselves.

Simply typing “Long Island laundromat” into the search bar will bring up a plethora of results from online reviews and websites. In fact, a simple Google search will even show how many of a business’s ads are being displayed to potential customers.

4. Ask for Direct References

When looking for a laundry service in Long Island, ask for direct references from existing clients who are satisfied with their services. They may be able to share some tips with you that you can use to your advantage and help you save money and time while ensuring that you’re getting a quality laundry service.

Also, find a laundromat that accepts laundry baskets and is open 24 hours.

5. Call Laundromats

For consumers who are on the hunt for the best laundry services, calling local laundromats is a good way to get started. It’s a good starting point because these businesses usually have some of the best pricing and service in town.

6. Use the Yellow Pages

Use the Yellow Pages

Whether you need laundry services in Nassau County or Suffolk County, the Yellow Pages are always a good place to start. When looking through the listings, however, be sure to read every ad carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask the business owners to explain themselves further.

Some businesses only advertise in the Yellow Pages because they have no other options, while others may be very willing to help you.

7. Contact Business Owners

Contact Business Owners

One of the best ways to find the best laundry service in Long Island is to contact the owners of the laundromat.

The owners of laundromats are often some of the best business owners in any area. Their customers depend on their services and their shops. They understand how to run a successful business. And if you talk to them directly, they’ll be happy to let you know their preferred laundry service.

8. Check the Chamber of Commerce

Check the Chamber of Commerce

As you search for a good laundry service in Long Island, check the chamber of commerce. Chances are good that it’ll be listed.

Some local chambers also provide a directory of local businesses. However, the directory can be limited, so it’s a good idea to contact the businesses directly. The chamber will be able to help you determine which businesses are the best laundry services for your home.

What are the Benefits of Using a Professional Laundry Service?

There are several reasons why people choose to use a professional laundry service, and some of them may surprise you.

  1. The first reason many people use a laundry service is that it’s just so convenient. One visit to your neighborhood laundromat means you can wash, dry, fold, and return all your laundry in less than a day. You don’t even have to worry about driving to and from a laundromat.
  2. The second reason to choose a professional laundry service over self-service is that significant savings are associated with using one. Many people choose to use a laundry service for the cost savings they can realize.

So, if you’re not using a professional laundry service to wash your clothes, it’s time to get started.


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