Finding the Best Staffing Agency for Your Business


Using a staffing agency to find an employee saves you time and money for the recruitment process. The agencies are skilled and have experience in hiring, so you are less likely to suffer poor hiring.

Using a staffing agency also takes a shorter time because the agencies have a collection of talents. When you present your job requirements, they can find a suitable person faster. The difference between agencies is how big the market they have built is and the competency of their candidates. This also shows the agency’s quality.

1. What The Recruitment Agencies Do

Recruitment agencies help companies with recruitments of the hard-to-fill roles and the rare talents because they are more exposed to those candidates. There are many employment agencies making it challenging to choose the right one. These tips will help you get a good one.

2. Brainstorm With Your Team First

Call for a meeting with your company’s hiring team and talk about the challenges you get. Bring up the idea of using recruitment agencies and discuss the advantages you will get from using them. Talk about the type of talents you are looking for and the nature of the positions are they coming to occupy.

These things are essential for your team to know so that you brainstorm ideas and know what to expect. They should also know the nature of the jobs you are hiring, be it temporary or permanent. State the amount of time the recruitment process is likely to take. Putting the challenges together will help you compare the agencies and choose the most suitable one.

3. Get An Expert To Help

When hiring a staffing agency, consider one that deals with the field you are hiring. If you are looking for talent in law, go for agencies that solely deal with lawyers. They have better knowledge about law and know what a good lawyer should have therefore the job agency will be able to match you with the best talents they have in their database.

Using a recruitment agency that deals with general talent will take more time to find the right candidate, and they are less likely to find the best. Niche agencies, like Boardsi already have a pool of prescreened and vetted candidates who need to be presented straight for interviewing, reducing recruitment time. Boardsi also has access to thousands of connections who have the experience and accolades that will help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

4. Get Social Proof

Once you make a list of agencies you want to work with, research more about the shortlisted agencies. You can ask your colleagues who have worked with them how the experience was. Check for the agency’s website and go directly to the reviews. You can also reach out to some of the company’s clients and hear their experiences. Note that when looking for reviews, you are likely to find both good and bad reviews. Check whether the negative comments are talking about the same issue. If so, you would want to avoid that job agency.

5. Interview

You can invite your list of agencies and interview them one by one. Ask them about their past successful recruitments for a similar role as yours. Ask about their recruitment process. Get to know the candidates they have hired of the same talent in different firms and how they are doing. This will help you know if they are competent for the position. Check how knowledgeable they are with your kind of talent search and how long it takes for them to find a candidate.

6. How Much Does The Agency Charge

Before hiring the job agency, get to know how much they charge for the service. It is advisable to hire an agency that charges 15%-20% of the hired candidate’s annual salary. For the more notorious positions that are hard to get a candidate to fill, some agencies can charge even 50% of the candidate’s annual fee.

7. Ask About Their CV Selection Process

You choose to work with a staffing agency to save the time of collecting CVs and vetting them. You also save money and the chances of suffering poor hire. When interviewing the hiring job agency, ask them how they get the CVs and the criteria they use to vet them before presenting. Also, get to know how many CVs they can collect in a day to ensure you have a wide selection.

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