First Things to Do in New York


To tourists, New York is a place that is spoken about with the highest of regards possible. There is certainly a kind of reputation about the Big Apple – but there is no doubt that the city has earned this. It is the capital of America in all but name and it is to the city of New York where immigrants would use to travel to if they wanted to start anew. Today, it’s the place to gamble, though those wanting to stay at home can still play at and other sites like this on the internet.

New York is a massive city, sprawling with every activity one might think of. No doubt, this is why people usually plan to visit it, but they may still be overwhelmed by the sheer stature of it all. The buildings tower far overhead, higher than most of the skyscrapers in the world. The streets are constantly bustling with an amalgamation of people and cars which certainly gives the city a kind of energy that is unlike any other. Most people might very well feel overwhelmed by this all, making it important for people to know exactly what they want to do before they arrive in New York.


Fortunately, many people agree on some recommended things that people who are visiting the city for the first time should do. For example, people should utilise the massive skyscrapers that dot Manhattan and try to see the skyline view. Back when this borough was under construction, some of the buildings represented the tallest in the world. Given this, New York became a place known for some of the best skyline views in the world, and it remains that way today. Most people will be wanting to go to the world-famous Empire State Building which does, of course, have observation decks. However, The Roof at the Metropolitan Museum of Art also offers a gorgeous view of Central Park.

Central Park

The design of New York City has always been one that has interested many. Instead of multiple, reasonably sized parks dotting the city like places like London have, Central Park represents a massive urban jungle in the beating heart of the city. Many might see Central Park as the lungs of the city instead of the heart, and the contrast of the bright green leaves against the cold grey of the buildings may disorient some. In this way, Central Park can be considered an oasis in a desert.


Those arriving in New York for the first time need to make it a point to book a Broadway show that they can watch during the duration of their stay. This is because nowhere in the world does theatre bigger and better, and some of the best productions ever made started right here. Tourists are advised to go to the TKTS booth in Times Square to save on same-day tickets.

These are some of the first things that people visiting New York should do, but the city demands more than a short holiday to fully take in.

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