Five Reasons to Inspect the Roof Before Purchasing a New Home


Buying a home is a very significant life decision and a major milestone for New Yorkers and the world. When you are researching and viewing houses, it can feel overwhelming, and that is why having a good representative in the real estate industry can help you through the natural procedures and logistics that come with home buying. Once you have narrowed things down and are ready to move on to inspections and offers – you can’t forget about the one thing that holds everything together – the roof.

Roofs provide shelter from the elements and protection from the outside world, offering a certain level of elevated comfortability within the home. During the inspection process, there are more than a couple things to look out for and you should take mental notes of before committing to the deal. It is certainly difficult to know what to keep an eye on when you are unfamiliar with roofs; that is why having professionals and Brooklyn roof repair specialists can offer additional support. A few tips can help you identify problems or potential issues with a roof before you end up with the purchase – and buying a new home in New York is no joking matter.

The Age of the Roof

Age plagues us all – we would like to be young forever, but unfortunately, we are battling against time. Roofs are similar to people, and their age is an outstanding factor in the quality and possible need for repairs. Checking the roof out is probably one of the first and most important things to inspect, when considering a home, and there are undoubtedly several things to look into, but knowing and understanding the roof’s age will give you a whole lot of additional information.

Every roof has a projected lifespan, calculated by looking at the materials, the elements it is commonly exposed to, repairs, and maintenance. Ask questions about when the roof was installed, what materials were used, and why those were chosen. Be sure to ask about continued maintenance needs and any repairs that have been completed as well.

Check the Quality of Ventilation

The house you are currently checking out may be stunning, and the roof may look entirely new; it may even have been recently installed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the quality of the ventilation is up to par. Many factors must be considered when inspecting a roof, which is undoubtedly one of the most essential. Ventilation is vital to your roof for a few reasons – it allows sunlight and air to circulate.

An unsatisfactory ventilation system can lead to various problems – these are the problems you want to avoid encountering when purchasing a new home. Your new home should cater to your every need, and the purchase in itself is something the majority of people save up for a lifetime, and the last thing they need is roof repairs directly following their move-in. Avoid any roof exhibiting poor ventilation upon inspection – that can cause the forming of mold and the need for expensive and avoidable repairs or even a roof replacement.

Inspect for Leaks, Breaks, & Noticeable Damage

Scan the roof for anything that pops out of you because chances are, if it looks like a problem, it will pose a problem or a multitude of them. Leaking can damage all aspects of the home, from the ceiling and walls to the very foundation and structure of the house. Once there is a leak – big or small – it can be increasingly difficult to stop it and follow things back to the source.

Be sure to look for breaks or losses in shingles or roofing material. Any sign of damage can call on your home’s stability and everyday functions – you want to check out the chimney and all valleys too. Having the roof thoroughly inspected by roofing professionals can help to ensure there is no significant damage to the roof and will clear you in the buying process.

Double Check the Canals & Seepage Systems

Drainage is another crucial element for every roof. Before committing to a home, you must thoroughly investigate all the drainage pipes! This is typically a job for the experts because it can be dangerous and requires knowledge and experience to determine the current conditions. The seepage system, which includes the gutters and downspouts, should also be included in this inspection.

Lookout for Mold

One of the final steps of your investigation involves the one thing no homeowner wants to grapple with – mold. Checking for signs of mold can be a challenging task. Some mold is more noticeable than others because it can quickly form within walls, under floors, in your roofing materials, etc. Mold forms when water is left standing or water damage occurs, perhaps due to a leak or other situations. Roofs are meant to shelter from rain and other conditions water, and when mold forms within the rooftop and ceiling, it is never good for a household.

Inspecting these kinds of issues requires the help of local roofing specialists for a thorough inspection and any needed repairs or maintenance when making those exciting decisions about purchasing a new home. Smart Roofers NY is the Big Apple’s go-to expert in roofing. They are an established roofing company servicing potential home buyers and current home and business owners in New York and the surrounding communities. Before you purchase a home, evaluate that roof in detail and contact licensed professionals to ensure you are investing in a sustainable property that is suitable for your entire household!

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