Five Strategies to Use When Looking for Housing Near UC


After enrollment at the University of Connecticut (UConn), the next task is to find the most appropriate place to live. Off-campus housing near UConn is considered more affordable than options found within the campus. When looking for the most suitable student housing while studying at the university, use the following strategies.

1. Do a Thorough Research

With around 50,000 students touring UConn every year, the institution has a high influx of students, making student accommodations harder to find. But, do not settle for the first accommodation that comes your way.

Many websites offer a list of exclusive student accommodations near the university. Make sure you use these websites to make a thorough search of all viable options near your campus.

You can ask your fellow students, look through bulletin boards on the campus, and meet the team at the housing department of your university to gather relevant information. Once you have your options listed, carefully weigh them against one another before making the final choice.

2. Be Proactive

Do not delay your accommodation search after enrollment. The demand for good and safe living spaces is high throughout the year. Be early to explore the neighborhoods near the campus and understand the pros and cons of choosing every area around the university.

Access to standard amenities, public transport, and links to the university are essential factors to consider while moving to a new place. When you make a decision, get started with the paperwork without delay.

3. Seek Help When Needed

Your university can help you to find accommodation near the university. Your seniors may be in a better position to furnish essential details about living in Connecticut or handling landlord issues. UConn offers University-owned Greek housing options in Husky Village. But, they aren’t easy to find.

They may recommend student housing options within a few miles of your campus. They can guide you in settling down in a safe and secure neighborhood quickly. If you face any hurdles while finding housing near UConn, do not hesitate to ask for help.  For example find additional resources which can help you.

4. Look for Shared Accommodation

Sharing a room within a student living facility is a good idea for many reasons. First, sharing brings down the cost of living. You share all expenses, including rent, internet fees, water and electricity bills, and gas bills.

Second, living with like-minded people is convenient and fun. Finally, shared accommodation gives a sense of safety and warmth while living away from family.

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5. Do Not Compromise of Convenience

While looking for housing near UConn, you do not have to compromise on your requirements. Many student housing facilities provide easy access to different amenities such as car parking, wireless connectivity, laundry access, 24/7 emergency care, public transport, and grocery stores.

If you have specific interests such as hiking or biking and want to live with a pet, there are options to satisfy such requirements too. The key is to stay patient and look for the right option near the campus.


Experts recommend that when you choose to stay outside the campus, opt for places within a few miles (four to five miles) from your campus. When you find a peaceful, safe, and comfortable place to live not too far from your campus, your life becomes more manageable and convenient.


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