Five Tips to Enhance Your Team’s Creativity


Creativity is nothing but the ability to think differently, innovatively, and come up with good ideas and solutions. It has become one of the primary skills in the corporate world because being creative is not a skill that everyone possesses. If you are a creative person, you bring a whole new perspective and dimension to whatever problems you solve in your job. If you do it like anyone else, there is hardly any value. But, if one can think differently and come up with unique and yet relevant solutions, they are priceless.

Creativity is especially very necessary in the fields of IT, advertising, and marketing. If you can be creative, you can invent something new or write something that’s never heard of. But how does someone hone their creative skills? These are the million-dollar questions that are lingering in everyone’s mind, especially the managers who lead a team. To make it easy for you, we have listed down a few amazing tips that can enhance your team’s creativity.

1) Ask questions:

If you think your team’s performance is below par, never pose problems instead ask them where it went wrong. Through proper analysis only, you know where it went wrong and how you can make it better. With technology and lots of data being available, you can easily understand your consumer psychology and various other parameters that influence your business. Look for problems and find out how you can creatively counter them

2) Never turn down new ideas:

As a manager, your ideas and opinions are what prevail and carry a lot of weight, so it’s better to speak at the end. It allows everyone in your team to express their ideas as they have enough time. But if you start the meeting by sharing your ideas and opinions, then your team members would just extend those ideas rather than come up with new ones. Also, never discourage new ideas that your team puts out. Even if the ideas were poor, explain to them why it doesn’t work but never degrade anyone’s ideas.

3) Invest in their learning and development:

Knowledge is what opens new dimensions of thinking and perspective in anyone. If your team has a broad perspective on their job, they can think differently and innovatively as they can judge what works and what doesn’t. With the rapid growth in technology, there are lots of tools that help you to offer employee training at very minimal costs but never compromise on quality. For instance, with learning management systems like Coassemble, you can make your employee training more engaging with its amazing features and interactive elements. 

4) Hire people from different backgrounds:

Skillset is definitely important to think creatively. But if all your employees are of the same age, hail from a similar background, and speak the same language, then all of them almost offer more or less the same. But if your team is filled with employees who come from different upbringings and come from various regions, then you can bring in a new perspective to the table. Not that you need to hire everyone from now on putting diversity in mind, but ensure you hire a certain percentage of people who come from different backgrounds. 

Diversity also means gender diversity. Most of the corporate organizations are male-dominated, but an equal distribution of male and female workforce can bring in new perspectives.


Improving creativity needs time and a proper structure in place. So, never rush on to your team demanding creativity, give them their space, and creative ideas slowly pop up. Also, when your team members come up with creative ideas, encourage them if it’s a good idea and give honest feedback if it’s a poor one. Try to explain to them why certain ideas work and why certain don’t. In this way, you can foster a healthy creative team.

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