Flower Arrangements that’ll instantly cheer up any room


After carefully choosing the interiors, colors, and furniture for your house it can get monotonous to look at the same thing every single day, the same decor, the same artwork might get boring to the eye. To make your space more lively and if you like to change things up frequently you go for DIY’s or even a decor change for the season or festival. But if you really want to put minimal effort yet want to have a fresh feeling around the house, you can always go for flowers. Flower arrangements really brighten up any space, with their color, aroma and overall appeal. Flower arrangements are a quick fix and really bring you closer to nature, and flowers are very interesting once you get into them it’s hard to go back.

Flowers always make a great way to bring more light into your space whether it is a festival or new season. And they make great conversation starters too. Let’s take a look at the best flower arrangement for your room in 2022. You may also check out the best flower arrangement classes in Singapore.

1. Go Golden

To make a bold statement you can go for golden or yellow flower arrangements. This works best if you have a colorful room already and if not it also goes well with darker colored rooms like black, navy blue or olive green. What flowers to pick? You can either pick a yellow themed flower arrangement from your local florist or get it delivered to yourself. Another great option is to customize your set, you can go for a combination of Marigold and Daylilies. They align in color but have a contracting shape that will bring dimension to this monotone arrangement.
Another great yellow combination is of Sunflowers, Yellow roses along with some greens to bring a balance and clarity.  A great time to have flowers is the springtime. You can go for White and yellow Daffodils if you want it to be toned down a little bit.

2. Rare Wildflowers

Looking at these unusual flower arrangements surely people would ask you a bunch of questions. Wild flower arrangements are unique, one of a kind and probably have a combination made just for you. Wild flowers are those which grow without much human intervention, they tend to grow anywhere they want freely. However, it gets hard to find the same combination that caught your attention once, that is what these are now cultivated in a uniformed manner to have a better availability. Yet they still have that forestry feeling to it.These flowers will go great with neutral or vintage aesthetic interiors.

What flower makes it into the wild? You can go for an already existing bouquet  or you can get one made specially for you. You can pick Ivory rose or pink rose, along with chrysanthemums and a lot of greens. Another great pick would be to take pink and purple lilies along with some closed up lilies paired with some cornflower, leatherleaf fern for the green and eucalyptus baby blue string.  To make this the centerpiece, put it in a glass vase and decorate it with burlap or twine rope to give it a rusty feel.

3. Pastel charm

With 2022 coming to us in full swing, pastels are the new thing and are coming back to trend. A short pastel flower arrangement would be an amazing choice if you have white interiors. It also goes well with modern and industrial aesthetics. For a pastel theme you should pick Hydrangeas which come in soft shades of pink, blue and white. Along with Hydrangeas you can add some ranunculus. Do not forget to add some ferns and flower fillers like stock or stacie. These flowers have a cool tone to them so to bring in the warmth arrange them in a brown basket or cylindrical vase. Get these flowers arranged in a circular shape for a better view of these pretty flowers.

4. Sweet as honey

Not only do flowers add to the aesthetic value but also carry a wonderful aroma scent. To cheer up any room we usually go for a visual stimulation but we miss out on how smell impacts our rooms. With a variety of room fresheners available in the market, why go for flowers? Flowers tend to have a stubble fragrance unlike sometimes harsh room scents, they also are 100 percent natural so no harm to the environment. They also don’t cause suffocation or headache when present. What flowers have a great smell? Primrose and Sweet pea are two of the best flowers and have a zesty smell. Lilacs and Gardenia also make a good pair when it comes to visual as well as aromatic appeal.

5. Season special

This can become more like a habit of season ritual to bring in flowers from that particular season or even festival. For the spring you can pick Tulips, Daffodils and Magnolia, for summer Dahlia, Hibiscus and lavenders and for winters roses, Kaffir Lily and Lenten Rose.

Flowers are always a great way to amp up your surroundings. A brings color, warmth and joy. Get these flowers delivered at your doorstep with our same day flower delivery.


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