Fun Swag Bag Ideas for Any Event

Are you throwing together swag bags for an event but don’t know what to gift your attendees? Unlike other gifts, swag bags are great because you can incorporate numerous products into one package. This makes it easy to find gift ideas, as you aren’t restricted to just one option. For those who want to create the perfect thank you package, let’s take a look at some fun swag bag ideas for any event.

Find gift cards or coupons that your guests will be excited to use.

Items like gift cards and coupons are perfect for any event because they’re easy to purchase and they give your guests the ability to buy whatever they want rather than restricting them to any one product. For example, let’s imagine that you’re hosting an event for a clothing company. In that case, creating a swag bag that incorporates gift cards to major retailers or to your own organization is a great way to say thank you to your attendees.

On the other hand, coupon codes can be a great gift as those who went to your event can now spend less money on products that interest them. In this scenario, let’s imagine that you run a cannabis business or sell CBD products. You can put a Medterra discount code into each bag so that users can test Medterra and CBD for themselves. Once they’ve found the right product for their needs (tincture, capsules, gummies, etc.), they just have to enter their Medterra coupon code at checkout and wait for their hemp products to arrive. Just make sure you let them know the importance of speaking with their doctor to learn more about CBD and whether or not it’s right for them!

Look for gifts that will keep on giving throughout the year.

Nothing’s more exciting than getting a swag bag with a gift that will continue to offer value for months or years to come. For example, purchasing something like bottled water services for your swag bags will give your guests the ability to receive regular bottled water and water cooler jugs so that they can stay refreshed and hydrated. For those who spend a great deal of money on bottled water, a water service can be an excellent gift idea or a custom water bottle from Another gift idea that continues to give is gift cards to various subscription boxes. Whether your guests are into fashion, snacks, or tech, there are loads of subscription services that will deliver their favorite goods to their doorsteps on a monthly basis. Consider a gift that keeps on giving if you really want to thank your guests!

Throw in a couple of traditional items for good measure.

There are some items that are almost always included in swag bags. A few recommendations include snacks like muffins or cookies, self-care items like lotion and face masks, and even articles like free t-shirts or socks. Tiny treats and products like these can be enjoyed while they take advantage of some of the bigger gifts you put into your swag bag. In the end, it’s all about throwing something exciting together that reflects the appreciation you have for those who made it to an event.

Swag bags can be somewhat difficult to put together as the theme of your swag bag will ultimately rely on the interests of those who attend. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t broad suggestions that you can use as inspiration to source the perfect items. If you’re looking for some ideas on what you should fill your swag bag with, the suggestions above can help you gain some insight into what your guests might like to receive.