Fun Things to do When you Visit the Upper West Side of New York


The Upper West Side of New York City is more fun than you can imagine. There are lots of sights to see, musical and movie theatres, and even restaurants offering delicious meals to be tasted and enjoyed. 

First, are you familiar with the Upper West Side? 

Situated between Central Park to the East, and Riverside Park to the West, the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York is more than just another region. If you live in Manhattan, the Upper West Side is accessible via subway lines. Within the Upper West Side, you can explore so many sites on foot and discover so much. 

Let’s explore the things you can do on the Upper West Side of New York City, whether you’re vacationing or just sightseeing.

Enjoy a Stroll through the Scenic Riverside Park

Riverside is loved by the locals of NYC, and you’ll understand the reason behind this love better when you discover what a gem this park is. 

The 4-mile-long scenic park runs through the Hudson River and spans from 72nd to 158th street with several spots to explore.

Riverside park is a waterfront park that is so close to the Hudson River you can see the beauty of the river and enjoy the beach vibe and feeling.

Explore the world of entertainment at the Lincoln Center

You cannot mention entertainment or the performing arts in New York City without coming across the Lincoln Center which is at the center of New York City’s performing arts.

The 16-acre Lincoln Center is the hub of entertainment with a large number of buildings serving different purposes, including music, dance, and theatre. 

Explore the Ancient Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Over 130 years old, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine sits majestically on the corner of 112th street & Amsterdam avenue. 

With immense grounds, the Cathedral, which has also been called St. John’s the Unfinished, is quite similar to other renowned Cathedrals the world over because it always seems to be under construction. 

For instance, St. John’s Cathedral has changed its looks over time. It was originally built after the Romanesque style, but its looks were updated over time to take after a Neo-Gothic style. Look out, because as the building continues, the styles just might change.

Upper West Side: Things to do around Arco Cafe

Don’t conclude your visit to Upper West Side without visiting Arco Cafe where you can enjoy authentic Italian and Sardinian Cuisines. 

Situated right on the edge of UWS, Arco Cafe is easily accessible from the Lincoln Center and Harlem. It has been in service since 2014 and has been hailed by locals and tourists likewise for its authentic Sardinian cuisine.

When you visit Arco Cafe, there is a delicious menu waiting to scintillate your taste buds, including pasta dishes, Torta Monterosa, and seafood and Mediterranean. 

Arco Cafe makes its meals with naturally-sourced ingredients and seasonal products to deliver what can best be delivered as homemade Sardinian cooking.

You can eat in or place an order and get your meals delivered wherever you are within New York City.

Visitors to Arco Cafe have spoken well about the restaurant’s Italian cuisines, which include vegan and gluten-free options for unique interests in taste, and you can give it a try when you visit the Upper West Side.

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