Funimation Account Tips & Tricks

Funimation is one of the most credible sources to watch Japanese anime in the USA. The streaming platform offers roughly 700 titles and more than 14,000 hours of continuous anime content to provide extraordinary fan experiences through TV series, films, mangas, events, merchandise, collectibles, and much more.

Subscribers of Funimation can watch some of the most popular titles, such as My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Shadows House, Alchemist: Gears of Judgement, Cowboy Bebop, plus heaps of other titles. For those fans who prefer to explore different genres, Funimation offers food-themed anime TV shows, drama, comedy, adventure, action, romance, fantasy, and live-action films.

Much like other streaming services, Funimation is geo-restricted due to licensing agreements. That means you can’t watch Funimation outside US unless you change your location with the help of a premium VPN app like ExpressVPN.

Funimation offers a free subscription plan for anime lovers. Though, the free plan comes with advertisements and gives limited access to Funimation’s content library. You can always upgrade to a paid plan at any time. There are three plans to choose from, including Premium (US$5.99/mo or US$59.99/year), Premium Plus (US$7.99/mo or US$79.99/year), and Premium Plus Ultra: (US$99.99/year upfront).

Paid subscribers can enjoy unlimited access to the entire Funimation library, ad-free streaming, a download option for offline viewing, behind-the-scenes footage, and several bonus episodes. To get the best out of your paid subscription, we will discuss some Funimation account tips and tricks to boost your streaming experience.

How To Update a Funimation Account?

  • Open your Funimation App from any device
  • Sign in with your account credentials
  • Open the Settings
  • Click the “>” button located next to “Your Plan”
  • Once opened, you can select any plan of your choice
  • Click on the plan to update your Funimation Account

How To Change Profile’s Maturity Settings On Funimation?

You can change the maturity settings on your Funimation account to suit it better to your preferences.

  • Sign in to your account on Funimation’s website
  • Open Account and go to Preferences
  • Open Video Settings
  • Set the Restrict Mature Content to off or on according to your liking
  • Click save from under and you are done!

Is Funimation Actually Free?

Technically, Funimation is not completely free, but the users can stream a limited number of titles from its library for free and with ads. To be able to watch the full Funimation library content with dubs and subtitles, one needs to subscribe to any plan that Funimation offers. The basic plan, Premium, offers 2 simultaneous streams for just $5.99/mo.

How To Watch Funimation For Free?

  • Open the Funimation website
  • Click on the ‘Watch Now’ option
  • Scroll down to the bottom coming through the plan options
  • Click on the red ‘Sign up for a free Account’ text presented in the white box
  • Enter your details with a valid email in the related box
  • Click on the red button reading ‘Continue’

How To Reset Funimation Subscription?

  • Open your account on your Funimation app by logging in
  • Open the Settings
  • Click on the button “Restore Purchases”
  • This move will reset your subscription again
  • Now you can continue using the Funimation app

How To Reset Funimation Passwords?

If you want to reset your password on your Funimation account, you have to provide an authentic email address. On that email, Funimation will send an email containing all the instructions on how you can reset your password.

Is Funimation Recommended For 13-Year-Olds?

Yes, it is ok for a 13-year-old to use Funimation. The anime app is available for users of age 13 and up. It has a safe and fun-filled library suitable for all ages. Funimation provides a vast range of anime content libraries with both subbed and dubbed shows, along with the manga option. Funimation also offers a safe with-in-app chat feature, it allows the users to chat with other users in a modulated environment.

Can You Modify Your Age On Funimation?

Funimation does not allow you to change your age. So, if you still want to do that, the only way that can be done is by creating a new account. Keep in mind to use another email address that you have not yet used to log in on Funimation, and it is not linked anyway to your original account.

Where To Watch Anime Free of Cost?

There are a large number of sites out there that offer anime streaming to its viewers for free. Some of the most popular websites include Funimation,,, Crunchyroll, and AnimeFreak.

These sites usually have a large number of anime series and movies to choose from and watch online. Some websites also provide English subtitles, meanwhile, others may be available in several languages.

What is The Subscription Fee of Funimation Per Month?

The cost for a Funimation subscription is $5.99/mo. It provides ad-free streaming and access to its complete library of anime shows and movies. Funimation also offers a Premium plan for only $59.99/year, and by opting for this package, you will be getting a discount equivalent to one month’s price. Finally, you can also get Funimation for free as well, but with fewer features, limited content, and advertisements.

Which Is the Cheaper Option, Crunchyroll Or Funimation?

Without a doubt, Crunchyroll and Funimation are household names when it comes to streaming Japanese anime in the United States. In terms of pricing, Funimation is cheaper than Crunchyroll having the lowest cost subscription plan (Premium) priced at US$5.99/mo as compared to the Fan Package of Crunchyroll which costs US$7.99/month.

Not to mention, the Premium Plan of Funimation provides ad-free access to the entire content library of Funimation, English subs and dubs, and 2 simultaneous screens. However, if you are more anime-hungry, Crunchyroll has a bigger library of anime content with 1100 titles.

Why Does Funimation Charge For Free Trial?

Funimation will not charge you if you subscribe for a free trial. This is just an authorization formality to check if your billing details are authentic. Once the payment method is validated, the charges will be cut out from your statement.

How Long Is Funimation Free Trial?

Funimation’s free trial is fourteen days long and is available for anyone who wants to check out the subscription packages. Signing up for a free trial will allow you access to all of the features that full membership will bring you. It is a good way to explore the options that Funimation offers.


Funimation offers a huge library of hit anime TV shows and films, along with several other features. The streaming service provides an ideal user experience with several safety features, like restricted mode, and chat moderation. This makes Funimation a much safer and more fun streaming service to stream anime online.