Getaway to New York from New Jersey


Separated only by the Hudson River, New York City and New Jersey face each other. If you want to reach the Big Apple to enjoy its museums, restaurants and other entertainment, follow these few tips.

How to commute?

There are many ways to get to New York from New Jersey: on the rails with the NJ TRANSIT train line system (the second busiest rail system in the US) or the PATH train, a high-speed, underground system links New Jersey riders to Lower and Midtown Manhattan. A ferry is a good option, although more expensive than the train. The NY Waterway touts itself as “the fastest commute to NYC,” and if you’re anywhere near the Hudson River, then that’s certainly the truth. If you want to stay on land, you can take the bus; it’s the most economical way. However, the trip can be very long because of the traffic jams and the many stops. You can also get there by car; if you avoid rush hour, it can be the fastest and most direct option.

Where to stay?

The most classic option is to stay at a hotel, don’t hesitate to compare the offers before your departure, there are hotels for all tastes and budgets. Like the  Hyatt Regency in Resorts Worl, some hotels in New York have a restaurant and a casino, which can be convenient to have a good time without getting too tired. If you try and enjoy the casino, know that there are New Jersey online casinos. If you’re looking to meet people and share moments of conviviality, why not opt for a hostel or couch surfing? These two options are perfect if you have a small budget. By saving on accommodation, you will have a larger budget for your activities. Airbnb allows you to stay in unexpected places and discover the city from the inside. If you want to learn more about New Jersey, visit Exploring the Enchanting Town of Greenwich, Connecticut.

Some activities

New York is full of iconic places that are worth a visit: from Madame Tussauds to the baffling Color Factory; you won’t be disappointed; take a walk in Central Park to relax between visits. If you love art, don’t miss the Guggenheim and its characteristic architecture. You can also visit the MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you like live art, you will have the chance to see some street performances, you can go to the Metropolitan Opera or to Broadway to see some theatre. To avoid moving around too much, you can also choose to concentrate on the richness of a single neighbourhood: Soho, Times Square, Harlem, etc.  Walk the streets, do a little shopping, enjoy the street food, and let yourself be surprised!

Take the time to enjoy your stay; because New York and NJ are not far, you can always come back easily!

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