Getting Started: Heavy Equipment For Fledgling Construction Companies


Starting a successful construction business is no easy task. You will need the expertise, tools, and equipment for a variety of different projects. From flattening land, moving heavy materials, and building tall structures, you will need heavy equipment on almost every job site. Therefore it is critical to have the right machinery for each project to get the job done right. However, purchasing heavy equipment is a big investment, so it is important to make sure you only get the essentials. You can even hire heavy equipment like cranes, forklifts, etc. The provider of fast and affordable crane rental services will ensure the quality of the work and completion of the project on time. We recommend you open the following link to get the best deals and experience high-quality services if you choose to rent earthmoving equipment.

From dump trucks to excavators, here are the top construction trucks and heavy machinery you need for your business.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are an essential vehicle for any manual labor industry, especially for construction. You will need a powerful work truck to haul heavy machinery, tools, and equipment. In addition, you’ll need a truck that can drive through various terrains while comfortably fitting your work crew. You can hire equipment proven efficient to work even in harsh working environments for the lowest price here.

It is important to note that sometimes your typical ½ ton pickup truck doesn’t have enough power. In order to keep up with the high demands of the construction industry, you should consider working with a ¾ ton pickup truck.


Regardless of the type of project, bulldozers are typically the first machines to arrive on the job site. Dozers are used to clear the land and prep the site by pushing soil, brush, rocks, and other debris with a heavy, flat, metal blade attached to the front. While bulldozers are an essential piece of construction equipment, they are extremely dangerous if not used correctly. It is extremely important to always follow OSHA equipment regulations.

Front Loaders

Any successful construction company is also going to need a reliable front loader. Front loaders, also known as bucket loaders, have a tilting bucket attached to movable arms to easily move material, soil, and debris.


Backhoes are one of the most versatile heavy machines on any construction site. Equipped with a bucket loader in the front and a digging bucket in the back, backhoes have a swiveling seat to easily position the operator in any direction. They can be used for everything from moving dirt, backfilling holes, digging trenches, moving heavy boulders, and more.   Check out more lifting solutions that are must-haves in any kind of construction.


Sometimes bulldozers aren’t enough to successfully clear a job site from trees and brush. Trenchers are used to easily move soil, roots, and stumps by utilizing a metal chain with sharp steel teeth to cut through the surface. Trenchers are also extremely useful in digging trenches, laying pipes, and installing drainage systems.

Dump Trucks

One of the most critical kinds of vehicles any construction site needs to have on hand is dump trucks. Dump trucks help you carry material and debris to and from the job site. They can also help haul heavy equipment that may be too heavy for your pickup truck. Whether you are moving dirt, soil, sand, or stone, there is nothing a dump truck can’t carry.


While working in construction, you will deal with concrete more than almost any material. If you land big projects, it is crucial to invest in your own mixer.  Having your own concrete mixer allows you to produce your own batches of concrete directly on the job site. If you attach your mixer to a truck, you can easily transport the concrete mix anywhere it is needed without utilizing too much manpower.


Most large-scale construction projects would be almost impossible without the help of cranes. Cranes are one of the most important pieces of heavy equipment as they allow you to lift heavy objects, and materials and place them where they need to be. Cranes are equipped with long steel arms, and wire ropes, and chains that help you maneuver heavy material into tight spaces.

Invest in Equipment Today

Whether you are buying new, old, or simply renting heavy equipment, it is crucial to invest in quality machines that get the job done right. While there are tons of different equipment on every job site, these heavy machines are crucial to getting your construction company up and running.

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