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Lovers of simple things, pay attention! We want to teach you today some tips and tricks to adapt your home to the minimalist style or decoration. You dare? If you need a simple and cheap technique to furnish your home, do not hesitate to resort to this very special technique for the design of interior spaces. Follow us!

What is the Minimalist Style?

Today we dedicate our post to a type of decoration that will never go out of style, we assure you!The minimalist style emerged in the United States in the early sixties, as a counter reaction to the abusive dominance of realistic currents and pop art. Since then, this artistic movement developed as a new trend that makes use of minimal and basic elements, as well as pure colors, simple geometric shapes, natural fabrics, etc.

In short, minimalism always bets on functional and elegant ideas to decorate, but above all practical. There’s the quid of the question! It is the decoration that follows to the letter that of ‘less is more’. That is to say, it is that decoration that leaves behind overloaded and excessive objects, to give way to white and simple wooden furniture.

Minimalist Decoration Tips

If we have not yet convinced you to adapt your home to minimalist decoration, give us one last chance. The time has come to dictate some minimalist ideas that you can adapt to your home decoration easily and simply:

Minimalist Color Palette

If you want to introduce this simple and distinguished style at home, first of all you must choose the tones for each room. In addition to white, the best options are neutral colors, such as: off-white, gray, beige or brown. But it is also allowed to play with the contrast between white and black.

Remember that if you want to follow the minimalist wall decor ideas, you should choose to paint floors, walls and ceilings in the same color. In any case, the contrasts will be generated thanks to the placement of furniture and objects in other shades and fabrics. So, be very careful when choosing colors, as they will be the basis of your decoration.

Modern, Functional and Zen-Style Furniture

Following the norm, the minimalist style furniture is large, with straight lines and wider than it is high. To adapt the home furniture to minimalism, you should put aside the wrought iron furnishings with different drawings and bet on wood without turning, drawings or complications.

You can combine natural wood furniture with other cement, steel and / or glass furniture. But remember! In the living room, kitchen and bedrooms, spaciousness should predominate, so you will hardly place furniture in the center of the room.

Of course, the furniture should be of natural materials and of a single color. For this style it is usually played with black and white, as well as with natural wood.

Recessed Spotlights for a Minimalist Decoration

The ideal is natural lighting, but we know that in most cases it is impossible to have large windows that provide the necessary light to our home.

To adapt the home lighting to the minimalist design, you should opt for the installation of recessed spotlights. Try to keep their frames small and you can integrate them into the ceiling with hardly any noticeable presence.

We recommend that you choose led technology, since this way you will achieve the functionality that this minimalist style requires.

Incorporate Decorative Elements that Provide Warmth

To avoid falling into hospital white, we recommend that you add a touch of color to your home with wooden decorations, mirrors or photographs. In this way, you will give the personal touch that your home was missing, without forgetting that we must incorporate these elements in a dosed way and with a chromatic color scale according to the space.

Another object that will give the home color will be the rugs, blankets and curtains. Choose the same type of texture that combines perfectly with the range of colors chosen!

Now that you have all the keys to minimalist decoration, you just have to put it into practice in your home. We hope these tips have helped you figure out how to achieve the best minimalist interiors. After discussing the latest design trends, join us as we embrace the minimalist lifestyle in our new post.

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