Handling Wrongful Crime Accusation: 4 Things You Should Know


Being accused of a crime you didn’t commit can be incomprehensible. It can even become more traumatizing since there’s no assurance you’ll not be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Also, more often than not, you may not know what to do to protect your rights and interests. Luckily, there are many ways to help you fight wrongful criminal charges.

Essentials When You’re Accused

If you’ve been wrongfully accused of a crime you had nothing to do with, below are the things you should know to handle this situation more effectively:

1. Hire An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

One of the first things you should do when it comes to wrongful crime accusations is to hire a criminal defense attorney who can help you navigate the whole process. Since you believe you’re innocent, having a legal professional by your side can make sure your rights are protected from the investigation to the trial proceedings.

Typically, a good attorney knows what to do with your situation by providing valuable legal advice. For instance, they can help you realize the seriousness of the criminal accusation against you as well as the legal consequences you can face if you’re convicted. By working with an expert in criminal law, you can make sound decisions that can improve your chances of getting a favorable outcome.

However, it’s important to note that hiring an attorney can be a challenging process. With a variety of options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one for your needs. You should know and understand what makes a good criminal defense attorney, so you can be sure the one you’re working with can help you handle your case accordingly.

2. Gather Pieces Of Evidence

When dealing with a wrongful crime accusation, another thing to know is you should collect pieces of evidence to help prove your innocence in court. For example, if there are photographs and other objects, gather them in one place and submit them to your attorney.

Moreover, if you find some documentation that can help your case, including emails, receipts, correspondence, and many others, be sure to have them as well. Your lawyer would know how to preserve your evidence to strengthen your defense strategy.

Due to the importance of evidence in your situation, make sure not to destroy anything even if it may show you in a bad light. If you strongly believe you’re innocent and you had nothing to do with the charges against you, then you should refrain from destroying any type of evidence. That’s because doing so will only make you look guilty, decreasing your chances of getting out of this legal trouble.

3. Enforce Your Right To Remain Silent

If you’re falsely accused of a crime like a murder charge or many others, you should know you can assert your right to remain silent. Although it can be tempting to express your innocence, especially if you didn’t commit the charges filed against you, you should never speak to anyone except your attorney about your case.

In most cases, any inconsistencies in the version of your story may be used against you. They may only make you look more guilty in the eyes of the law enforcement authorities during the custodial investigation. Because of this, you should get the most out of your right to remain silent by not answering police questions and not giving any statement without the presence of your attorney. Let your legal counsel speak on your behalf to avoid incriminating yourself with a crime. If you want trusted attorneys to defend you in court, just contact McConnell Law Firm.

4. Enter Into Plea Bargaining

While it may seem unjust for anyone, people who are falsely accused of a crime opt to plea bargain to avoid a conviction, a permanent criminal record, and harsher legal consequences. When you enter into a plea agreement with the prosecution, it means you plead guilty to a lesser charge instead of dealing with more consequences associated with the original accusation.

However, before entering into plea bargaining, make sure your criminal defense attorney has thoroughly investigated to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the other party’s case as well as your defense. By doing this, you can figure out whether a plea bargain is for your best interests.

Wrapping Up

Handling a false crime accusation can be complicated and frustrating. If you don’t know what steps to take, your situation can become more serious. Fortunately, by keeping these things in mind, you’ll have a better idea of how to navigate your case while protecting your rights from beginning to end. With the help of a criminal defense attorney, you can improve things by working out a defense strategy intended to clear your name in a court of law.

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