Hi Point 995 Owners Enjoy a Wide Range of Great Benefits


One of the main things that make people buy Hi Point 995 weapons is just how cool and groovy the weapons look. However, aesthetics are far from being the only reasons why you should think about investing in one. By reading on, you’ll find out more about why they’re appreciated by many in the gun-loving world.

Hi Point 995 Carbine

So, if you’re ready, we’ll begin.

Nice, Cheap Ammo

With the price of everything seemingly going up, it’s nice to know that ammunition for your Hi Point 995 rifle is going to be at the economy end of the scale. It’s all relative, of course, as all ammo goes up in line with inflation, but if you go searching, you’ll find that 9mm ammo is about as cost-effective as it gets.

They’re Accepted On Every Range

Another nice aspect of 9mm carbines is that they’re acceptable at most indoor ranges you’ll find across the States. The fact that these weapons use a pistol caliber round means they’re safe for indoor ranges, making it easier to find somewhere to practice.

They’re Ideal For Novice Shooters

Carbines that use pistol caliber rounds are also much better for shooting newbies when compared to your typical rifle. That’s because rifles are far more tricky to shoot, as they usually use something like a .22LR and they shoot at much higher velocities. Sure, the 9mm lacks a little stopping power, but it’s a minor point in the grander scheme of things.

The Felt Recoil is Low

Something that is mitigated greatly when using a 9mm carbine is recoil. Larger caliber rifles can make you feel like you’ve been kicked in the shoulder, but not so with a carbine. As we’ve mentioned countless times already, it uses pistol rounds, so you could fire it all day and not end up with bruising.

A Hi Point 995 Rifle Lets You Swap Mags

If the benefits we’ve mentioned already aren’t enough, then how about the fact that you can share magazines with your 9mm pistol? It might only be a small point, but it does make things much more convenient when switching between weapons. It makes things simpler down at the range too.

A Wide Range of Available Firearms

It’s hard not to be enthused by the sheer choice available to you when opting for a carbine. Some kinds of firearms are very restricted in terms of configuration, which can make them tricky for some to get a good fit. However, with PCCs, there are a variety of different companies offering options, meaning that your choice is extensive.

Pistol Caliber Carbines Are Effective

There are also instances where a pistol caliber carbine is one of the most effective available options, particularly in states in which semi-automatic weapon use is restricted. It’s a great option that offers the feel of a rifle, allowing much more accurate shots to be taken.

They’re Just a Great Option – Period

There are certainly some people out there who will look down their nose when they see a Hi Point 995 for sale online, but that doesn’t detract from what they offer. They’re super versatile, universally accepted and they offer improved accuracy when compared to pistols – what’s not to love?



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