Hidden Treasures and Secrets in Genshin Impact: Unveiling Mondstadt’s Enigmas”


Genshin Impact has been a top game since the game was released. The game’s popularity continued to grow rapidly thanks to its stunning visuals, vast open world, and addictive gameplay.

Although the game is now extremely popular, it is also rather challenging. Genshin impact services are used by players to swiftly level up their characters, get strong equipment and weapons, and unlock particular skills or talents. These services, which cater to gamers who wish to maximize their gaming experience, ultimately provide simplicity and effectiveness.

The huge universe of Genshin Impact is full of secrets and undiscovered riches. This article reveals some of the mysteries that the attractive area of Mondstadt conceals.

Treasure chests on the secret island in Mondstadt

You can find a secret island in the northeast of Mondstadt in the middle of the ocean. It can be seen on a sunny day, located on the edge of Starcatcher’s Rock. A trip to this island will provide an opportunity to open several treasure chests. You may find one of them in the niche of the wall behind the platform with the clock. Also, upon arrival in this area, your character will receive the quest Time and Wind, for which a valuable reward is expected in the form of an adventure experience and Source Stones.

Rich Chest at Wangshu Inn

The Wangshu Inn is a huge building located between the Reed Islands and the Guili Valley in Liyue. There you can take some interesting quests, and find geoculus and chests with valuable loot. One of the chests is hidden under the Wangshu Inn, on the side of a huge water wheel. Teleport to this inn and jump down. Fly to the water wheel, and then dive into the water. Swimming under the wooden grate, you will see the Cryo totem. Activate it with an elemental attack of any Cryo hero to get some useful items and Source Stones.

Precious chest in a boat in Guyun Stone Forest

Guyun Stone Forest holds many secrets. There are a bunch of chests of varying rarity, geoculus, puzzles, rare weapons, and more. While exploring this area, you probably saw a fishing boat stuck on boulders. Climb into it and destroy the stone pillar in the center. As soon as you break the stones, a precious chest will appear on the bow of the boat. Please note that there are a lot of such stone pillars throughout Teyvat. Unfortunately, not every one of them allows you to get something of value. In most cases, for their destruction, you will receive a regular chest. But it’s better than nothing.

Hero Special Dishes

Each hero in Genshin Impact has their own special dish. Special dishes are an improved version of regular dishes and have a stronger effect. Unfortunately, this moment is not specified anywhere in the game, so new players do not know about it and enjoy simple food for a long time. To get food with enhanced properties, during cooking, check if you have a hero in your collection that specializes in cooking the selected dish. You can search on forums for a cooking guide that lists all the special dishes along with the characters that can cook them. So if you are looking for the best food for your squad, be sure to check it out.

Free 4-star Artifact from Victoria

The quality of loot in Genshin Impact increases as the adventure ranks up. This means that you will start getting almost all valuable artifacts in the later stages of the game. However, the developers have added to the game the opportunity for players to acquire high-quality equipment literally from the very start. And for this, you don’t have to do anything complicated. If you’re just starting out, head to the capital of Mondstadt and look for a nun named Victoria in Barbatos Cathedral. Talk to her by selecting the dialogue section “Which places to visit in Mondstadt?” and she will reward you for your curiosity with a 4-star Blood Knight Cup artifact. You will also receive the Hero’s Gift achievement.

Quest with Nameless Treasures

As you explore Liyue, you may have noticed that you have Nameless Treasures in your inventory. These are special quest items that are rewarded with a huge amount of pestilence. The unnamed treasures are needed for the Liyue region’s secret mission. You need to collect 3 treasures and take them to the owner of the Mingjun jewelry house in the capital of the region. The NPC appears in his shop after 9 pm game time. In return, you will receive 100,000 pestilences and 40 Source Stones.

Chest with 200 thousand Mora

Mora is something that you will miss throughout the game. Luckily, there are many sources of this currency in Genshin Impact: Arteries of the Earth, temporary events, purchases from the Kettle of Serenity, special quests including Nameless Treasures, and more. It is also possible to receive 200,000 Mora once by opening just one chest. This Miracle Chest is located in the Bank of the Northern Kingdom (Liyue). Yes, you got it right. It is in the bank and you can just open it like that. The Bank of the Northern Kingdom is located in the capital of the region. Go inside, turn right near the reception desk, and go up the stairs to the second floor. There, near a pile of boxes, there is a precious chest with 200 thousand Mora.

Itinerant florist Cloris

In Teyvat, you can meet many different merchants. Some of the NPCs sell ingredients for cooking, others sell ore, recipes, or various materials. There are also merchants who have flowers in their assortment. One of them is Cloris. A girl travels along the road between the Temple of the Wolf and the Temple of the Falcon in Mondstadt.

In the list of her goods, you will find snapdragons, wolf’s hook, valets, philanemo mushrooms, and mint. Due to the fact that Cloris is constantly moving, it is very likely that you missed her while exploring the region. And it can be useful, especially when you do not have enough materials to ascend any specific heroes, such as Razor or Barbara.

In this article, we have delved into some lesser-known secrets of Genshin Impact that may have escaped your notice. Genshin Impact generated significant revenue, reportedly earning over $1 billion in less than six months of launch because of its interesting gameplay. Try this wonderful game and immerse yourself in its amazing universe with other players!

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