Holiday fun; Things to do in Florida with Kids


Family vacations live on in a person’s memories forever. Therefore, planning the best trips for your family is essential, especially if you have small kids. It gets easier to plan a vacation if you live in nearby Florida.

Florida is a beautiful state in America that has great attractions for families. You could plan different places whenever you go out with your family. The site has everything from museums to natural parks and beaches to Disneyland.

We understand people often get confused about choosing the best family vacation destination. Therefore, we have a list of the most fun-filled places for you. You can plan your monthly and quarterly vacations to these places and cover them within 2-3 years.

The best thing is that there is no age-appropriate place; everything is family-friendly; thus, all of you can have fun. So, what’s the wait for? Let’s dig in to find some exciting vacation places.

1. Disney World, Orlando

Children and Disneyland are an unbreakable bond. Do you have toddlers? Or kids aged 5-10, 10-15, or more, Disneyland is the best option for family outings. Everyone can find something for themselves in the vast park. The magic planet has different rides that only adults can avail of, while there are many areas with games and rides only for the little ones.

It is situated on over 25000 acres of land and has four theme parks. Moreover, you can find resorts, water parks, and other adventurous things to do. Interestingly, children can get autographs from their favorite characters, hug them, meet them, and even spend time with them.

You can plan a one-day or two-day trip to this place; this way, you can witness everything around Disney World. However, you should also be careful while roaming around and taking rides. According to experienced disney personal injury lawyers, many people hurt on the premises, be it due to the lifts or the competitive environment, do not claim their compensation. They bear losses without being aware of how the property is liable to pay for the damages if you get hurt inside their area due to their negligence. It is one vital piece of information that you must have.

2. Legoland, Orlando

One of the foolproof ways to keep the kids engaged and entertained at the same time is to take them to an amusement park. Luckily, Legoland in Orlando is a fun-filled place where families can have fun. The site is filled with thrilling rides, hands-on fun, and water rides for kids and adults alike.

The statues inside are built purely of lego blocks which leaves everyone stunned. Moreover, you can also create your attractions using lego blocks. You can spend a day playing, chilling, and relaxing with your family. It makes up for an excellent place to create lifelong memories.

Legoland has many restaurants and cafes where you can eat food, have shakes and find some fantastic dishes that resonate with the Legoland theme. It is a fun place to visit both in summer and winter.

3. Naval Aviation Museums, Pensacola

Does your child love aviation and is fascinated by their structure & working? If yes, the Naval Aviation Museum is a must-visit place for you. In addition, it is free of cost. There is no entry fee, so you can enjoy a colossal museum for free and gain some essential knowledge.

On top of all, your kids get to enjoy hands-on aircraft experience. The museum offers aviation tours for the kids. They get to witness the interior of different flight simulators. There are more than 150 attractions on display, and children can also see a detailed behind-the-scenes look at them.

Additionally, the visit gets interesting by the time you reach to watch the Blue angel’s show. In this, an elicit performance of aerial tricks leaves everyone stunned. Also, you can watch aviation films at the onsite wide-screen theater if you’d like.

4. St. Augustine Alligator Farm, St. Augustine

If you’ve ticked off the others from your list, the next is an off-beat track that is informative yet thrilling. You’ll be thrilled to know that St. Augustine is the only area where you can find several pieces of crocodiles co-existing.

Thus, it becomes an excellent outing for families where kids can watch crocodiles dine and swim in their swamp. Additionally, they can also dig for fossils and learn information on reptiles. There are also exotic species that you can witness in this park.

Additionally, the place also runs a camp in the summer season for the kids. They get to live in the center and experience multiple crocodile-related things. How often do you find something like this?

Bottom Line

We hope the above information helps you plan fun family vacations in the coming year. Always ensure to bring in some informative angle wherever taking kids with you. This will help them build their learning skills and be open to receiving more information.



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