Home Healthcare Providing Respite to Many Senior Citizens


The demographic shift is underway, and the population is growing older all over the United States. The aging population of the country is increasing the demand for proper healthcare. Such an increase in healthcare solutions demands also highlights the importance of considering traditional care for senior citizens.

Traditional care refers to the arrangement of hospitals, nursing facilities, and special facilities for acute and emergency care needs. But this system is not always suitable for treating chronic conditions such as long-term care of the elderly or patients suffering from physical disabilities. Thus, senior home healthcare in Rhode Island becomes an alternative to traditional care for such situations. Other than this, it is also recommended that you subject your loved ones to the best disability care sydney for faster recovery.

Home Healthcare – A Sound Alternative

Home healthcare is a system where the patients are looked after and taken care of at their homes. Home healthcare services are aimed at all the patients who do not require round-the-clock hospice care but still need treatment and support to maintain their overall well-being and promote recovery from a chronic illness.

Home healthcare provides many benefits to the elderly in the United States. Different types of home healthcare programs have already been introduced all over the States, and CDPAP is one of them.

Under CDPAP, the consumers choose their own caregivers from among their family and friends, apart from a few exceptions. These caregivers provide care and assistance to them. The homely environment, bond with the caregiver, and assistance in daily living speed up the patient’s recovery. CDPAP or Consumer-Driven Personal Assistance Program is covered under Medicaid. As a senior citizen, you qualify for it if you have Medicaid.

Home Healthcare Treatment Leading to Positive Outcomes

One of the reasons why there is a lot of buzz around home healthcare today is because it leads to better outcomes in terms of overall health, comfort, and experience of care of the patient. According to a recent study, around 89 percent of wounds healed and improved after operation, 60 percent had lesser pain while moving around, 60 percent got better at taking showers, and 55 percent had improved breathing after experiencing home care from their caregivers.

Another American study has suggested that patients who had undergone home healthcare spent 1/3rd less time in recovery than those treated in the hospitals. Not only this, home health care resulted in lower complications too. The concept of home healthcare is preferred by the patients as well. When given the option to receive treatment at home, 65 percent of elderly citizens of New York chose home healthcare provided by CDPAP.

Another advantage of home healthcare compared to traditional care is that the former is cheaper than the latter. The average cost of home healthcare provided by CDPAP is one-third of the total cost of traditional hospital care. Today, this alternative has become a cost-saving measure salvaging the high cost of health care all over the United States of America.

What makes Home Healthcare Effective?

The concept of home healthcare has become more than welcome by many families and elderly citizens of the United States, especially in the current Covid times, given the patients are not in direct contact with the nurses, physicians, and other clinical staff.

The fact that the patients are cared for by their loving family members and friends leads to fewer mistakes and also uplifts their overall mood and morale. Even the patients with disabilities requiring 24-hour care choose homecare over traditional care at the hospital.


Home healthcare programs like CDPAP are an example of the growing trend towards patient-centered care. Here, the patient’s individual needs are taken into account, and they are given a sense of respect and dignity throughout these services. This approach is gaining popularity for all the right reasons.

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