Hot New Trends for Long Haircuts


Love your long locks but bored with your current hairstyle? No worries, there are dozens of trendy new looks for long haircuts if you’re looking for a change!

Long hair will never fall out of favor! If you are tired of your current style but don’t want to cut your hair, you will be able to find plenty of new long haircuts to inspire you to change up your look!

In this article, we will highlight some of these new trends for long hairstyles as well as give you some styling tips for those long, luscious locks!

Pros of Long Haircuts

Thinking about cutting your hair, but don’t want to say goodbye to those long, gorgeous tresses. Here are some reasons to keep your long hairstyle!

1. Long hair is extremely versatile

Let’s face facts. Short haircuts, while super cute, do not always leave a lot of room for styling options. Long haircuts, on the other hand, have endless possibilities when it comes to style!

You can wear your long locks in updos, half updos, braids, ponytails, buns, chignons. There are dozens of different options just for braids, so you will never run out of ways to style your long hair! Check out professional hair clippers for more information.

2. Long hair looks great on everyone

Another con of short haircuts is they don’t look good on everyone. Long hair, on the other hand, works well with every face shape, hair texture, and personality. You will never get bored with long hair if you know how to style it!

3. Long hair is great in cold weather

Short hair is no fun in the winter. Your longer locks will provide you with an extra layer of protection from the colder temperatures. According to LoveHairStyles,  it may be a bit cumbersome in the summer months, but that’s where updos come in. You can always pull it back or style it in an updo to cool off. And long hair looks super cute with winter hats so added bonus!

4. Long hair is less maintenance

Those with long hair can attest to the fact that they do not have to make as many trips to the salon as those with shorter hair. Short haircuts need to be trimmed every few weeks to maintain the style. Yes, you do need to trim your long hair on occasion to keep it healthy, but not nearly as often as those with short hairstyles.

5. There are endless options for accessories

One of the best things about long hair is that there are hundreds of ways to dress up your hair with accessories: hats, clips, bows, hairpins, headbands, tiaras.…the list is endless. You can accessorize your hair to fit your mood or match your outfit, it’s up to you!

Trendy Long Hairstyles

Here is a list of just a few of the latest looks for long hair:

  1. Long bob with sexy side part
  2. Choppy bob with curtain bangs
  3. Long asymmetrical bob
  4. Long in the front, short in the back
  5. Braids
  6. Beachy waves
  7. Long curly hair
  8. Long hair with bangs
  9. Long, layered hair
  10. Short, medium, and long layers for added volume
  11. Long hair with textured layers
  12. Long balayage Hairstyles
  13. Long ombre hairstyles
  14. Long messy locks with side bangs
  15. And much, much more!

Expert Styling Tips for Long Hairstyles

  1. Hydrate your hair: Long hair can dry out rather quickly. Keep your hair hydrated with hot oil treatments, hair masks, and a leave-in conditioner. Coconut oil is a quick way to hydrate your long tresses. As well, drink lots of water as it is essential to healthy hair, skin, and nails! You can also put some hair serum like Allurium Beauty which is higly recommended today.
  2. Do not towel dry your hair: Towel drying your hair can damage it. The best way to try your hair, so it won’t break or frizz is to tie it up in a cotton t-shirt or a hair wrap. Avoid blow-drying your hair as much as possible to keep it healthy and shiny.
  3. Don’t overwash your hair: Contrary to what some believe, you do not have to wash your hair every day. It is best to wash it once or twice a week. As part of your wash day routine, you can use dry shampoo between washings. Or co-wash your hair, which means conditioning it instead of washing it. Leave-in-conditioners can work wonders for your long hair.

Invest in a good hairbrush: Hairbrushes are not universal. Bristled brushes may work for short hair, but can damage long locks. Use a boar bristle brush or wide tooth comb only

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