How a Strategy Signifies Paying Attention to a Lecture Session?



As adults, we are well aware of how engaging and exhausting could live video call be. Think about the kids and how they would feel about being engaged for hours into learning where the mind should be on alert all the time. 

Although, with time, the education system has adopted a way to teach online and offline. This form of education is referred to as imparting education through hybrid learning. Both learning methods are applied simultaneously to provide the best learning experience. Moreover, to have that experience, most of it depends on the student side if they pay proper attention to what is being delivered in the classroom. But, sometimes it happens that one child cannot pay appropriate attention to what their teachers are conveying to him. So, here for those students, it eventually becomes difficult to self-study and thus perform poorly in academics.

It is essential for the educators and parents of those children first to find out the problem and then seek a way out of the solution.

How Can a Parent Help their Child to Pay Attention to the Classes?

Often, a situation arises where a parent wants to help their child in academics, but lack of time and guidance is a problem they often face. For those parents, we here are providing you with tips to encourage and help your children at your best and, thus, eventually allow them to pay more attention when educators teach online. 

Because, in offline classes, it is easy for an educator to notice if the student is paying attention, but in the virtual classroom, it becomes problematic.

Start Assessing Yourself and Your Child

It is often said, and you might have heard as well, that it is important to help yourself first before helping others. When it comes to bringing about a positive change, an honest approach is always appreciable and effective. Firstly, we would suggest parents manage their time well enough to pinpoint their child over something which causes them to get distracted from the content or frustrated with the content. 

You can look at various sources through which you can assess your child’s academic report better. The monthly progress report, different assignments, and daily tasks could be one promising approach.

Discover the Learning Pattern and Style 

It is equally important for the educators who teach online to find out ways to know the learning patterns of every individual present in the virtual classroom. One should work on including different patterns in the way they teach so that it could become possible for those students with a different learning style to adapt and thus start fresh after understanding things. 

Doing this can be of outstanding research and could be helpful for you as well to analyze things better than before.

Remove Distractions

If something is distracting your child from paying attention to the studies, it should be the responsibility of the parents to remove a thing or aspect from the child’s sight in a way; it is acceptable and, if possible, should limit exposure to such things.

Embrace Single-Tasking

Sometimes doing a lot of things at a time could be dangerous for the mental sanity of anyone, be it a child or an adult. 

Doing single things at a time could also be the new multi-tasking!

Many psychologists believe that no doubt, multitasking makes a child much more aware of their potential into something. Still, it eventually increases stress, which parents and teachers or educators should ensure that the student is not exposed to at a very young age.

Incorporate Goals and Personal Interests by Taking Brain Breaks to Relax and Refresh

One way of shifting the student’s attention towards academics is to give them a free choice to do the things they wish to. For example, if a child loves playing games and solving maths but hates the subject of Social studies, parents or teachers should encourage the child to pursue and invest more time into the things. They want to do but only after a specific time for investing in things that cannot be neglected at the school level.

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