How Can One Online Habit Turn You into an Introvert?


With the unlimited technological development, many individuals occupy their spare time with online gambling, especially live casino games, as they are among the smooth games that can be played anywhere and at any time. It has achieved great success in controlling the time of a large segment of people because of its ability to entertain.

Many statistics have proven that online gambling benefits the mind and develops skills such as thinking, analyzing, and finding solutions. Still, at the same time, they have negative effects on people’s physical and psychological health.

As the years passed, these games developed very quickly and reached a high level of technical development due to their ability to simulate the casino environment as in the real world and the visual and audio interaction that made them attract many to the point of addiction. These games caused significant psychological effects, notably introvertion, as the individual spends most of their time isolated from the outside world, which should not be a cause for concern.

This article will focus on the negative effects of introversion on the person who spends most of the time gambling online. Before getting into it check out the list of best bitcoin casinos.

Lack of interaction with the outside world

If you spend a long time gambling online and every time you promise yourself, it’s the last round. Still, you keep playing. When you finish, you feel paralyzed and unable to communicate with your closest friend. You prefer to be alone, you only think about the results, and how you were playing, your mind is occupied with nothing but the game.

Resorting to online casinos for unlimited long hours affects the individual’s ability to interact with others. It is reflected in communication skills with others, and the individual tends to be introverted.

To be more precise, many statistics indicated that online gambling, especially those that require a high level of concentration and attention, causes several negative effects on social relations.

For example, a person who sits in front of a computer screen for long periods without communicating with others becomes introverted—losing the ability to form connections and interactions with people over time.


Excessive attachment to online live casino games leads to spending a lot of time at home isolated, and these long hours are accompanied by eating unhealthy foods such as fast food, sweets, and soft drinks. Suddenly a person will notice a significant increase in weight due to a lack of movement.

This leads to introversion, low self-confidence, and a feeling of dissatisfaction with their outward appearance, so they prefer to stay at home for fear of some negative comments from their friends and relatives.

Insomnia and lack of sleep

Prolonged exposure to mobile or computer screens used for online gambling causes sleep disturbances and irregular sleep patterns.

For example, you may want to spend an hour gambling online, but you cannot control it and find yourself awake all night, suffering insomnia and anxiety, as well as sleeping difficulties.

This increases the number of hours you sleep during the day, lowering your social engagement and making it difficult to communicate successfully with people, which is a form of introversion.

Does introversion increase the degree of addiction to online gambling?

The introverted personality is a special condition that does not feel stable unless it is alone and far from the present. Therefore, imagine if the person is introverted in the first degree and has become addicted to online gambling. It has worsened during the quarantine period due to the Covid 19 virus. This addiction leads to changes in behavior and daily habits due to boredom and great free time, thus can increase the degree of introversion and posing a significant risk to the individual.

How do we treat the introversion caused by online gambling?

The first step in treating introversion is for the person to force himself to avoid using the computer, phone, and everything else that makes him cling to his spot. Instead of using the phone for 12 hours a day, he may train himself to reduce the number of hours he uses it to 10 hours on the first day, then to 8 hours on the second day, and so on, until he can entirely quit his phone or computer.

It is known that online gambling makes a person wait for the next round in an attempt to win so that this person can set restrictions. For example, he begins gambling only an hour before the specified time to go to work or school. In this way, he is forced to end the gaming session and will not last more than an hour.

Attempting to interact with others and participating in group activities is a good strategy to combat introversion. For example, if you are an introvert who prefers to stay at home and gamble online, you can break free from this routine by inviting friends over, preparing some delicious food, and playing together. This boosts self-confidence, strengthens interpersonal communication skills, and aids in the resolution of psychological issues.


Nobody can deny the value of social connections in our life. The human being is by nature a sociable person who cannot live alone, so organize the habits that keep you at home, such as using the Internet or gambling online, and going out to meet new people, because interaction with the actual world helps you understand who you are. What do you desire, what do you enjoy, and your real talents?

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