How can you overcome the chances of ED in your life?


One of the disorders which have troubled all of the male population across the globe in the same intensity and have managed to instil a sense of fear among them is Erectile Dysfunction or ED. There is not another example of a disease that has so much terror in the minds of people who are not even afflicted with that disease. 

Just the sense of getting affected by the disorder makes most of the men shake in fear. This is because there are facts that prove it, earlier most of the ED patients were senior citizens of age more than 50 or 60 years. And at that age due to less sexual drive, it was also considered natural. 

But nowadays, the trend has shifted towards young men, college-going students, or newlywed, who have recently entered into a relationship. When the young population gets dependent on medicine like Cenforce 100, it is a matter of concern that must be dealt with seriousness. 

Causes of ED

To know about the possible suppressions of ED in your life, the first one needs to understand ED with its roots. This is the main problem behind ED becoming such a disorder that has spread miles and kilometres. The lack of knowledge about sexual education and therefore ED has led to the ED becoming a life-threatener from being a usual disorder. 

Erectile Dysfunction is the condition when the man cannot receive the erection of the penis, which is necessary for sexual intercourse. This does not mean that the person does not get stimulated. Instead, the person gets fully aroused but his penis does not respond with the situation, it remains as if nothing has occurred in the body. 

The erection of the penis depends on the amount of blood flowing into it during sexual stimulation. If the penis gets enough blood supply it becomes hard and erect, otherwise, a negligible erection occurs which does not last for more than a minute. 

But this does not happen suddenly, there are some reasons which lead to such situations that one has to regularly consume Vidalista 20.


Smoking is one such habit or addiction in the world which has taken millions of lives and destroyed millions. But still, people do it even after reading that “smoking kills” on the cover of the cigarette box. 

This indicates the level of addiction that

people have gotten into smoking. When a person smoke, gaseous pollutants like sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and others enter the body. This reduces the working potential of organs, including the penis by depriving them of oxygen and blood. 

In such circumstances when the erection takes place, the blood is unable to move into the blood vessels of the penis. Which ultimately results in the non-erection of the penis. This is the reason that one could observe that most smokers have faulty and disturbing sexual life as they are ED patients. 

Consumption of alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not as bad as smoking, the reason is that it all depends on the quantities of alcohol you take. If you drink alcohol with the limits, forget about ED, it will have positive effects on your body and mind. 

The stress levels are reduced, the blood pressure is normalized, tensions and worries go away, the mood elevates and the person feels better and goes to sleep, therefore also acting as a tranquillizer. 

The issue with alcohol is only when the limits of consumption are exceeded. The nervous starts losing control over the organs due to poor coordination. The blood is prevented from travelling into the penis due to mismanagement between the brain and the organs, therefore no erection. 

Being a junkie

Another thing that results in men depending on medications such as Kamagra oral jelly for sexual interaction is the food we eat. Some say, how is food-related to our sexual performance? Food is the basic fuel that our body needs, it determines how efficiently our body will work.

Junk foods contain high levels of calorie and sugar levels which tend the person to make obese and cause diabetes mellitus. Obesity and diabetes are enough for the person to become an ED patient. 

Mental state

Besides all the above reason which prevent the penis from getting erect, the most basic reason is being in no mood for sex. It may happen that you do not have any sexual drive or interest in sex at the moment. Therefore, it is natural for the person to no gets erect. 

But sometimes due to psychological reasons such as being depressed, suffering from anxiety etc result in ED. So, a sound and cheerful mind lead to a satisfying sexual life than being in a disturbed state of mind. 

Possible solutions

The first solution is to keep eating the pills, whenever you go for sex, eat 30 minutes before it. 

For a long time and permanent solution eradicate the above reasons which cause ED, from your life along with eating pills. 

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