How Can You Stop Your Dog from Begging at the Table?


When you are having your lunch and breakfast if your furry friend starts giving you big puppy eyes, you might be tempted to feed him from your food. Even though you might think that you love your dog more by showcasing this action, the consequences are completely different. This action of yours will not only reinforce their unwanted behavior, but they will also develop health complications and tummy problems due to overeating. Additionally, some specific human foods are life-threatening to dogs. 

Instead, you need to take action against their begging behavior. We’re not saying that you should scold your dog as this is the opposite of our suggestion. You just need to ensure you’re implementing some behavioral changes so that your dog doesn’t beg. Here are some great ways to stop your dog from begging at the table.

Make Sure You Feed Your Dog 

Before you have your afternoon meal or dinner, make sure you feed your dog properly. Apart from healthy food, you need to provide them with nutritious food like puppy milk too. Choose a separate feeding area for your dog from your dining area. This way your dog will be busy finishing its tasty meal, and you can finish your dinner in peace as well. 

Feeding your dog in a separate room is one of the most effective ways to manage their begging behavior. In fact, this action will help you prevent them from begging in the first place. 

Choose a Cozy Spot for Your Dog

Sometimes your dog will finish their meals quickly and comes to you to beg for more food from your portion of the meal. But you need to ensure you’re stopping them from showcasing this action in the first place. The best way to stop her is by choosing a cozy spot for them near the dining area. This will undoubtedly prove helpful in controlling their begging behavior. 

If you don’t like the begging behavior of the dog, you need to determine what the dog can do instead. This way you can train an alternate behavior for your dog while also maintaining its original behavior. One of the most effective alternative behaviors is choosing a designated location for your dog such as a crate, bed, etc. You also need to train them with obedient command. This way your dog will understand that they can still socialize with the family member while getting a cozy place to hang out. 

When your dog knows a solid command, make sure you’re not hesitating to use it. If your dog isn’t listening to your command, you need to train its behavior. This way you can ensure that your dog won’t move from their designated spot. 

Ignore a Begging Dog 

This is one of the most effective ways to address a begging dog. When your dog starts begging, the worst thing you can do is melt your heart and provide them with additional treats and food. This way you will be teaching your dogs that they can have food despite the location and time. Not to mention, scolding your dog will develop negative attention. 

If your objective is to prevent the dog from begging, then it’s best if you completely ignore their behavior. But you also need to ensure that there are other options available as per the alternative behavior. Sometimes the dogs will chew other things instead of food if they want your attention. 

Remember that when your dog is begging for food or attention, you will end up enhancing their unwanted behavior if you give them attention. Even if you get angry with them and start scolding them, your dog will assume that they will get what they want. As a result, their dominant behavior will be increased. If you don’t want to face such situations in the future, it’s best if you ignore your dog completely. Pretend that your dog is not giving you begging eyes or seeking attention. After a couple of days, your dog will understand your body language and they will move on. 

Consider providing your puppies with other effective alternatives such as treats and toys will help you achieve success. This will occupy their mind and they won’t beg for food or attention. When you give your dog different types of distractions, they will forget about the food begging or food scraps. Remember that meal times are the perfect opportunity to provide your dog with toys. The trick is to give them their special toys during your meal time. This way they will forget about begging and will be busy playing with their favorite toy. 

Consider Teaching Basic Obedience to Your Dogs 

When you teach basic obedience commands to your dog such as Stay, Leave, Sit, etc., you will be able to use these commands to discourage your dog from showcasing impulse-like behavior such as begging. For instance, if your dog is hyperactive, jumping on your lap, and always begging for more food during your mealtime, you just need to tell them to Sit or Stay. This will help them understand your emotion and they will stop doing whatever they were doing in the first place. 

If you accidentally drop your food on the ground and your dog comes to eat it, make sure you discourage their action by telling specific commands as per the training. Make sure your dog is moving away from the stimulus while also disengaging. 

While going through the training period of your dog, make sure you teach them the basic command after an exercise or walk. This way they will be less energetic and better behaved. 

Don’t Forget to Reward Your Dog

When your dog is not showcasing any negative behavior, listening to your commands, and not begging for food or attention, make sure you treat them. Consider choosing different types of treats such as biscuits, oats, dog treats, etc. to tempt the taste buds of your dog with tasty as well as healthy foods. 

Keep in mind that you should never feed human foods to your dog. Even though some specific foods are completely safe for dogs, consider conducting thorough research before you feed them anything. Some specific foods might prove life-threatening due to their different metabolism from humans. As per Vet Street, training your dog is better than punishment

While giving a treat to your dog, don’t give it from your dining table as this will encourage their begging behavior. Instead, you need to give treats to your dog when they are not begging or sitting away from the table. You can also use remote-controlled treatment devices to reward multiple treats for their good behaviors. 

Consider Changing the Diet of Your Dog 

Sometimes you will notice that your dog isn’t finishing their meals. Instead, they are coming over to you at your dining table and begging for food. If you encounter such situations, make sure you change the diet structure of your dog. If you have an older dog, you might choose canned foods for them. These foods will not only satisfy their taste buds but they will also stay healthy. 

But keep in mind that you need to choose foods based on the overall size of your dog. For instance, the diet structure of a German shepherd won’t be the same as Siberian husky. Additionally, before feeding any type of canned food to your dog, make sure you pay close attention to the recommendations written on the label. This way you can ensure that your dog is eating enough food a day without becoming obese. 

If your dog still avoids food even after changing the diet structure, make sure you consult with a vet. 

Prevent Their Access to Table 

Even though this might seem like an ordinary thing to do, preventing the access of your dogs to the dining table area is one of the best ways to discourage their begging. But if your dog is young, consider putting them in their cage while you’re having a meal. 

If you want to occupy their time during the meal area, you should consider providing them with alternative options such as toys and treats. This solution will prove super helpful, especially during the holiday times when you have guests in your house. Make sure you discourage your guests from sneaking food into your dog as this will affect their training. This is why you need to ensure your guests know the rules. Your efforts might prove effective at decreasing the begging behavior of the dog. You don’t want your efforts and training of your dog to go in vain. This is why you need to explain the feeding rules to your guests politely. 

Another great way to discourage your dog from begging is by feeding your dog at the same time you take your meals. While you’re serving plates at your dining table, you need to serve them their food too. As they will become satisfied and full after having their meal, your dog might not come to the dining table looking for more food. But your dog will finish their meal first. Make sure you command them to finish their meal and go to their place to take a rest. You can also leave them in your yard for a post-dinner walk. This will help them digest the foods properly. 


These are great ways to stop your dog from begging at the table. If you have any other queries, feel free to let us know in the comment section. 

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