How do you know if the odometer is tampered?


Nowadays, you will find many opinions regarding odometer tools. For some individuals, it’s an unchangeable device that every driver must-have, but for others, it might seem unethical to use. Actually, it depends on which purposes we use them. In the modern world, odometer changer tools became affordable for any individual.

Since mileage is one of the main determinants in a vehicle, many drivers try to decrease indicated numbers. For that reason, if you plan to get a vehicle it’s necessary to know whether the odometer was tampered or not. Knowing the useful information avoids wasting money on a vehicle. Below we will review how the odometer can be tampered, and checked. Also, we will discuss the ethical mileage programmer tool from

How can odometers be tampered by using the car mileage correction tool?

Lowering miles can be profitable for two reasons.

  1. First of all, a lower mileage car is valued much more. Hence, a seller can get a much higher profit out of the sale than the actual cost.
  2. Insurance cost is cheaper for cars with lower mileage.

You will find many correction tools with attractive features offering mileage programming, rewind, reverse, rollback, etc. Most of them are meant for deceitful purposes and can solely remove the mileage figures from odometers. Besides, cars have multiple data storage units and correction tools fail to reverse the mileage altogether. For that reason, the only odometer device I’d advise is the mileage programmer from

How to detect if the odometer was tampered with the odometer blocker?

The easiest way to check if the odometer was tampered is to look at the odometer. Automobiles cover 12,000 miles on average, per year. Hence, if you are looking at a 3 years old automobile and the number on the odometer is much lower than 36,000 miles, it’s suspicious.

As you already know, correction tools fail to change numbers in all data storage. For that reason, you can check the performance of the odometer by using the odometer blocker tool from

Mileage stopper and correction tools

There are many odometer devices on the market. They can be grouped as correction and blocker devices. Compared to correction tools, the mileage stopper from doesn’t change any data neither on the speedometer nor on the odometer.

Ways to use kilometer stopper

Since the tool is totally ethical and legal to use, you can use it any time without hesitation. But remember, the kilometer stopper is meant only for testing and tuning purposes, and should not be used on public roads.

Mileage blocker specifications

By using the mileage blocker, you will find many useful features. Below I’ll mention a couple of them.

  • Easily installed with the DIY instruction;
  • Untraceable;
  • The mileage doesn’t increase spontaneously after removal of the tool;
  • Selected settings are maintained;
  • No error messages;

Mileage programmer compatibility

At you can find the mileage programmer tool for almost any device. Software is written specifically for each maker and model to make sure that it works flawlessly.


All in all, now you know how to detect any suspicious activity on the odometer. Even though you can always address to a mechanic, you can check the performance of an odometer with the mileage blocker from


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