How Long After An Accident Can You File an ICBC Claim?

It is very common for people to hire a personal injury lawyer after facing a car accident. There are different issues such as repairing the vehicles, medical and therapy bills, future losses of wages, etc. 

However, hiring a personal injury lawyer or managing an appointment could be very pricey. That is why British Columbia took the initiative to help the accident victims and save their money.

The basic time limit for filing an accident case is around 90 days. In different places and situations, the time can be different.

So, let’s get into the main discussion. Shall we?

How long after an accident can you file a claim ICBC?

It is easy to report most allegations online. You should file for the accident as soon as you can move properly. Several examples of accidents, such as- hit, and running injuries, crash damaged glass, and windshield. 

However, it must instead be reported by telephone. A formal report on the accident’s specifics and the consequences must also be given no less than 30 days after that. In a form approved by ICBC, you must apply proof of claim no later than 90 days after the accident.

What is ICBC?

The full form of ICBC is the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. This corporation was set to help the accident survivors mentally, financially, and in times of danger by this certain province. It offers insurance coverage for road accidents and personal injury. To run its function, it claims a limited fee from its customers. The fees are different in different cases and situations.

How does the ICBC claim process work?

Let us show you how the company works to help the accident survivors. The process is discussed below.

  • Notify ICBC and your lawyer

After the accident, when you are well enough to report, save time, and go report it to ICBC. It is better if you go to report within 48-72 hours of the accident. You can also talk to your lawyer. Your lawyer can inform them on your behalf.

If you do not have any lawyer, the ICBC authority can provide you an experienced and devoted lawyer for ICBC claim settlement.

Be careful when you are talking to the authority. It can be recorded for future reference or can be used if your case goes that far for trial.

  • Expect someone from ICBC to call you

After you have reported via online or telephone, wait for their response eagerly. From them, an insurance adjuster will call you to negotiate with you. If you want, you can simply give the name and contact information of your lawyer. The next thing you know, they will contact the lawyer, and he/she will negotiate on behalf of you.

  • Some important ICBC deadlines

Except for special cases, you need to submit some of the forms filled up with necessary information in time. Normally the period is about 48-72 hours. The forms are-

  1. Accident Benefit Forms should be filled up and submitted to the office as soon as possible.
  2. A statutory declaration form should be submitted if the other driver is unknown to the claimer.
  3. Written proof of the claim, also known as Form CL- 22, should be submitted to the ICBC office within 30 days of the occurrence.
  4. Finally, all the required forms can be filled up and submitted by your hired personal injury lawyer on your behalf.
  5. File a tort claim

You need to file a tort claim within a required period, which can be 2 years, against the fault party’s driver. You should discuss whether you need to practice this right or not is up to your lawyer. Take their decision in every step of your actions.

  • Submit medical reports

To file the claim against the fault party means that you claim the expanse you are bearing for the accident. The main cause is to ask for the medical expanse. It bears all the medicine, operation, test and therapy bills, etc.

With a revision with the rulebook, they fixed a strict set of rules for claiming money from the fault party.

  • Report your claim

You must contact them as soon as possible after the accident you claim to make (within 24-48 hours is ideal). The ICBC reporting process, and their 24/7 availability to obtain your injury report, is available on their website. He or she will be able to contact ICBC on your behalf if you hire an injury lawyer.

  • Repairment claims

The crushed vehicle’s repairment bills such as a car, bicycle, bus, etc., are counted in the claims if it is rightful. More than 400 ICBC-accredited repair shops and rental car services are available on the auto repair website. So, you can be certain there will be no problem in repairing the crashed vehicle.

Final suggestions

The main objective of the ICBC organization is to ensure road safety and render support to the accident survivors in times of problems. It advises to follow the rules and avoid all the misconceptions regarding injury claims and appeals regarding accidents.