How Much Do F&I Managers Make Every Year Working For Car Dealership


A car dealership’s Finance and Insurance Manager (F&I Manager) is an essential employee. Finance and insurance are handled by these people from the time of purchase to the time of customer service. In a car dealership, F&I managers typically earn a commission on the products they sell, making it one of the most lucrative positions.

The position requires an understanding of contracts, credit, insurance, and excellent sales skills. A company’s finance and insurance department manager is also responsible for training and developing new employees.

What companies expect from an F&I Manager

The duties of an F&I manager are not a cup of tea. They go through hectic training to become the perfect manager that can carry a portion of your business. Here are some factors a company looks for in a finance and insurance manager.

Pure skills

One of the key aspects that this position demand is pure skills. This encompasses all of the abilities and knowledge that are necessary for the job, such as accounting, financial analysis, and marketing. 

In order to be successful in this role, it’s important to have a firm understanding of all these areas. Additionally, strong communication and customer service skills are essential in order to interact with clients and build relationships.

Updated Information 

Staying up to date on industry news and changes is an important skill for an F&I manager. This includes being aware of current trends and being able to adapt quickly to market changes. Having this information allows you to better serve your customers and provide them with the best experience possible. 

It’s also critical to stay current on the latest products and services on the market so you can recommend appropriate options to your customers. By staying up to date on industry news and trends, you demonstrate that you are committed to providing excellent service and are always looking for ways to improve.

Profitable Revenue

The ability to generate revenue is paramount for F&I managers. To do so, you must be able to sell to your customers and close sales. Building relationships with your customers and providing excellent customer service are also important aspects of running a business.

Managers in the field of finance and insurance need to be adept at maximizing profits. You must be able to price your goods and services correctly in order for your business to turn a profit without overcharging your clients.


It’s also essential to be able to work well under pressure and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. A company doesn’t want its manager to have a nervous breakdown or panic with a client. If you have these skills and qualities, then a career in finance and insurance may be a great fit for you.

How much do F&I managers make every year 

The income of someone who’s working under the finance and insurance department varies depending on the company they work in. A professional F&I manager can make up to $200,000 a year in the USA. As stated, the salary can be different in other companies and other countries. However, it also depends on the type of manager you are in the F&I department. 

How is being an F&I manager more profitable?

According to Finance Manager Training, the average salary for an F&I manager is 4% higher than any management department. This may be due to the fact that F&I managers often have a more direct impact on the company’s bottom line. They are responsible for generating profit and benefits for their organization, which is why their skills are in high demand.

How many hours does an F&I manager work?

An F&I manager works an average of 45-50 hours per week, with a schedule that can be quite variable. Mondays are often the busiest day, as managers handle deals that were put off from the previous week. The workday usually ends by 6 to 7 pm, but on occasion will go later if there is a lot to do. 

Tuesdays through Thursdays are generally more relaxed, with most of the work completed by lunchtime. Fridays are busy again as managers prepare for the weekend. Although most F&I managers have some flexibility in their hours, they typically cannot take time off during peak periods.

Final Words

Finance and insurance are handled from the point of purchase to the point of contact with the customer. F&I managers are paid a commission on the products they sell, making it one of the most lucrative jobs. The position necessitates knowledge of contracts, credit, insurance, and excellent sales abilities. They work 45-50 hours per week on average. They are in charge of generating profit and benefits for their company. We hope we could help you learn how much do F&I managers make every year working for car dealership. 

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