How Much Does It Cost To Make Enamel Pins?


The answer to this question varies a great deal depending upon your preferences and needs. Enamel pins are a customizable product. Your design is made by pin manufacturers. There are many factors that determine the cost of these customized products, including quantity, size, type of pin, the metal used, attachments, and add-ons, among other things. As no two customized enamel pins are the same, so the cost of every batch of pins will vary. So let’s look at how different factors affect the cost of enamel pins.

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Quantity and size of pin

The main cost comes from the quantity and size of the pins. The bigger the size of a pin, the higher the price, and the larger the quantity of order, the lower the price you have to pay. Most manufacturers have a chart of prices according to quantity and size. The quantity ranges from 100 to 10,000, and the size ranges from 0.75 to 2 inches.

Some manufacturers may also sell a quantity of 50 pins. For size, you can get pins made to 2inches, above that require special equipment and labor, so higher the cost. The cost for a single pin is high, so no one is willing to take it, so no manufacturer is willing to produce it.

Thickness of pin

There is already a standard for thickness according to the size of the pin. A 1-inch pin will be 1.2mm thick, while a 1.5-inch pin will be 1.5mm thick. So if you want to request a higher thickness, there will be a 10% increase in the total cost.

Metal of base

There are four metals used by manufacturers for making Enamel Pins. These include iron, copper, brass, and zinc alloy. Iron is the cheapest option, and copper and brass being the most expensive option. At the same time, zinc alloy is expensive for small quantities and cheap for larger quantities. Even though you cannot see any difference in the base metals, as all pins are covered with silver or gold layers, there will be differences in price depending upon the metal.

Type of pin

Apart from quantity and size, the main cost depends upon the type of the pin. Each type has different costs. Die-cast pins are the most expensive types; hard enamel pins follow right after with Photodome pins, and lastly, the soft enamel pin is the cheapest option available.


These are the extra bits that are attached to the pin. They include chains, hinges, spinners, sliders, and danglers. These can be a little expensive apart from the chain. They can cost around 0.50 to 1.50 dollars per enamel pin.


The typical attachments like the butterfly clasp or the rubber clutch are for free. They are standard attachments and attach the pins easily and neatly. But there are upgrades and fancier options like the magnet back and the deluxe clasp. Magnet enamel pins involve strong magnets used to attach securely. They cost around 1 dollar per pin. The deluxe clasp allows a secure and locking clutch. It costs around 35 cents more.


These are the most common factors that contribute to the basic cost of the enamel pins. Good manufacturers will offer a price that includes all these basic things. While the bad manufacturers will offer a low price but then make you pay for the other things later on. So decide on a manufacturer with research.



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