How New York Residents Can Find a Better Work/Life Balance


If you live in New York, you will no doubt be used to a fast-paced lifestyle. However, with the prospect of burnout being a constant fear, you might want to start thinking about finding a better work/life balance. This can be a real challenge when you get work emails and messages 24/7, and if you work at home, escaping the lure of your open laptop can seem impossible.

All is not lost, as there are some simple steps you can follow to start you on the right path, and you can build on these until you have the right solution for you.

Set Clear Boundaries

Establishing clear boundaries between your work life and your personal life is vital. If you work from home, try to stick to designated work hours and put your laptop away to remove temptation entirely. Let your colleagues know your availability and tell them you won’t be responding outside these times.

Prioritize Your Health

You are no good to anybody, including your employer, if you are a wreck, so your health should always be a priority. This includes getting enough sleep, eating healthily, and engaging in regular physical activity, even if that just involves a walk around the block. This not only improves your physical well-being but your mental health as well.

Take Time for Yourself

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Ensure You Use Your Vacation Time

You might not use all of your vacation time each year because you think the business can’t do without you, but they will have to cope anyway if you suffer from burnout. The solution is to plan vacations at regular points throughout the year, whether you are considering going away or not. This is because taking a step back for some extended time off can do wonders for your mental health and means that you go back to work fighting fit and refreshed.

Learn To Say No

This might be the most difficult part of the whole process, but possibly also the most important. Overcommitting is a shortcut to more stress and eventual burnout, so you need to start saying no to additional responsibilities that you have neither the time nor the mental flexibility to deal with. You need to get used to the idea of doing a few things well rather than trying to juggle more than is healthy. If your colleagues and employers are still putting pressure on you and overstepping the boundaries you have put in place, it may be time to seek employment elsewhere.

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