How Role of Women in Casino Industry Changed Over Time

The online gaming industry is not a man’s world. At least, not anymore.

Women have always played a significant role in the casino industry, but it seems that role became more significant in recent years. Today, women represent a solid half of the international player population – and the numbers are here to show it.

Let’s see how the role of women in casino gaming evolved and grew over the years.

Female Players Are Here to Play – And Stay

The expansion of iGaming, including the online casino industry, has brought in a surplus of players in the last few years. An increase in the popularity of gaming has encouraged experts and scientists to launch a series of studies into the effects of gaming.

They studied various facets of digital gambling, including gender roles and gaming preferences correlation. However, most studies have pointed out an interesting turning point in online gambling – a big percentage of those new players are women. For many, the revelation came as a surprise as the expected result was a male-dominated industry. Needless to say, this opened many questions.

For instance, the Swedish online gambling regulator which oversees all gambling activity online has been monitoring the market for years. Recently, they published their study, which clearly shows that 61% of players that have played casino games in the last year were women.

The situation in the UK is similar – the UKGC, Britain’s regulator, announced that 43% of players in 2019 were female players.

Count in the fact that 2020 has seen a rise in internet gaming and gambling, and you can see that the number of female players in online gambling is only going up. In other words, the girls are here, and they fully intend to stay at places like togel online.

Women-Centric Experiences

The more women join the online gambling industry, the more content targeting women will appear. Unfortunately, women who have been a part of the industry for years have not had a chance to enjoy a more women-oriented experience at casinos until recently. After all, the industry always leaned towards male players. The reason is the unnecessary stereotype that is engrained in our minds. A gambler is a man, rarely a woman. The situation improved when gender was taken out of the equation, and gender-neutral offers became popular at online casinos.

But girls in online gambling pushed the envelope even further. They challenged the stereotype and changed the rules of the game. In other words, casino games became female business as well.

The launch of popular casino sites for girls helped cement women as a significant part of the industry. And the sites promote not only games that might be appropriate for girls. They promote safer gambling and better playing conditions that suit women more than ever before.

Women Are Pushing Boundaries Too

Another important indicator of the success of women in online gambling is the percentage of women employed in the industry. Namely, major gambling regulators led by the UKGC report that women are currently holding numerous top positions at renowned companies and organizations.

Ebba Arnred and Lydia Barbara are just two examples of women who are leaders in the casino software development realm. Arnred is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Play’n GO, while Barbara is the former Head of Innovation Strategy at Microgaming.

These women represent the face of modern gaming. But they are also only two out of countless examples of successful female leaders. Women are getting more recognition and acknowledgement for their role in the industry.

Moreover, they will continue to bring creativity and stereotype-shattering solutions to the world of digital gambling in the future.

In Conclusion

To be honest, the ever-evolving gambling industry (especially in digital terms) is unpredictable. New technologies, solutions, and software keep changing the industry every single day. Therefore, we cannot exactly say what the industry will look like next year, let alone in the next five.

But what we do know is that women, especially fearless women working in the industry, are an integral part. If anything, their role will only become more pronounced as stereotypes and fixed patterns of the old gaming world vanish. And they might not be completely gone now, but we are on a good path to a free, liberal, and conscious gaming industry of the future.