How Smartphones Are Impacting On Online Casinos

Just like it always has and like it always will continue to do, the online gambling industry is evolving to meet the new demands of its customers and to adopt the latest technologies. Just a matter of a single decade ago it was unbelievable to even think that you could play casino types games without actually visiting a physical venue.

The introduction of online gaming completely changed the industry though and has opened up online casino games to every one and can be played pretty much any where that has an Internet or Wi Fi connection via smartphone or other electronic device.

The ability to play casino type games on your smartphone has even led to some gambling and betting regulations to be relaxed in order to meet the needs of all these new players. For example, just a few years ago it was really difficult to put a stake on the United States lottery if you were located in South Africa. Thanks to betting via smartphones, this can now be done with absolute ease.

Changes to online gambling regulations

Prior to the COVID 19 global pandemic, there were already many changes a foot within the online gmabling industry. One such change was the move towards the promotion of live dealership type games. This is despite the fact that when this concept was first introduced to the market, it was not very well received by most players. The main reason for this was due to poor Internet / Wi Fi connections and the long time outs between each game. That, however, has now all changed.

Some of the most recent changes noted include the mass introduction of gambling apps that allow players to experience great levels of game play whilst still having all the regular features available to them. More payment methods have become available and now allow for the likes of PayPal, Apple Pay and Pay by Phone. As a result, the speed at which you can make deposits and / or withdraw money is much faster.

The on set of virtual reality (VR) technology has led to the introduction of new ways of playing online casino games, which has been embraced by a large number of websites. With blockchain cryptocurrencies becoming increasingly popular and widespread in society, more and more online casinos are now accepting them. This currency is actually preferred by many players as it is seen as much more secure and allows them to remain anonymous at all times.

The biggest change however has come in the gambling addiction measures that have been introduced in the United States, United Kingdom, and Sweden to name just a few. This lets players set monthly, weekly, or even daily limits on the amount that they can wager, in order to prevent them getting themselves in trouble.

Despite this apparent tightening of restrictions, many have, in fact, been relaxed as a direct result of the increase in popularity of online gambling. However, this does vary considerably from country to country and region to region.

The future of the mobile gambling industry

With most physical casino venues reporting huge losses during 2020, it has been predicted by industry experts that the boom in mobile gambling is only set to increase even further over the next few years. To see the new casino trends in 2021 visit the link.

During the various lockdowns that countries all over the globe have implemented throughout the year, the number of people accessing online casinos via their smartphone has increased dramatically. In fact, some countries saw an almost 100 % rise in visits to these types of  websites.

The COVID 19 global pandemic has been responsible for pushing more and more companies into the world of online casinos. There are numerous reports that show the growth in these websites between the year 2017 and 2019 to be on and upward trend. As a result of the continuing lockdowns that are in place in most parts of the world, those players who would typically visit a real casino rather than an online one have not been able to.

With any real casinos that are still open to players, they have been forced to implement a number of measures that are likely to put people off from going, including the mandating of mask wearing in them and physical distancing measures. With these being in place for some time, it is likely then that more and more players will be pushed towards gambling online instead.

Other things that are likely to have a direct impact on an increase in the number of online casino players include new players from within the Millenial and Gen Z demographics. The rise of new markets and the rise of innovative new technologies that can be adopted by the online casino industry are other drivers that are likely to occur at the cost of physical casino locations.

How gambling apps are changing the industry

For the past few years now, gambling apps have been gaining ground on online casino websites. With apps being faster, more responsive, and still featuring all the fame bits as the websites, it was only a matter of time until this happened. The vast majority of these applications are available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

The only problem with these apps is that, unlike a website, they are not available on each and every mobile gadget that a player may have. There are still large numbers of gambling / casino apps that are not available for a plethora of mobile devices. Where one is available, it is often the case that it may be available one certain app store but not the other, which is, of course, no good if your device is only compatible with one type of app store. For this reason, many online players choose to still play via a website rather than an app. Until this major issue is rectified, apps have gone as far as they can and their use will not continue to grow.