How to Apply for Child Support in Canada-2021 Guide


The law in Canada says parents have to give financial support after their separation even if one parent is unable to give. That is why it is a legal right to get child support for every child. But many parents here don’t want to give it easily. That is why the caregiver or the other parents have to apply for it in court. 

But it’s bitter but a truth that many people don’t have any clear knowledge about child support and how to get this. For this reason, here in this article, we are going to give you the most important information about child support and how to apply for child support in Canada. Hopefully, this article is going to be very helpful for you in your case. 

Child Support Basics

Before going to our main discussion, here are some basic information about child support for you. Child support is basically an amount of money paid by biological parents that need to meet the children’s basic needs.

According to Canada’s law, every parent has to financially support their children until the children turn 18. Within this age (18 years old), if parents will be divorced, even after that, the parents have to give financial support, which is basically called child support. 

Even sometimes, parents have to give children support after becoming 18 years old if the children are unable to work for illness, disability, or something like this.

Here one frequently asked question is how much money they will get as child support? In that case, we have to say that it depends on different factors like: –

  • How much the payor earns (the parent who gives child support is called a payor).
  • How much money children need to satisfy basic human needs.
  • The places where they live

These are the main factors to determine child support. You will get different types of child support calculators on different websites. By these, you can easily calculate the amount of your child support.

Many people think that to get child support, and it is a must to go to court. But it is not. If you can agree with the biological parent as the caregiver, you will easily be able to get support from them without going to court. 

However, if the biological parents don’t want to support the child, you have to go to court. In that case, Edmonton Child Support Lawyer can help you. They are experienced and affordable too. 

How to apply for child support in Canada

Now let’s come to our main discussion. Applying for child support is quite a bit complex task. You need to gather a lot of documents for it.  Anyways, we have made this task easy for you. Here we are going to give you a four-step process. Just follow it to apply. The process is as follows: 

Gather all the documents:

To apply for child support, the court will require a number of documents. In the first step, you have to gather them. Among this, you need:

  • The tax returns from last three years
  • A tax status form (notice of assessment) from the last three years
  • Proof of the payment of income tax
  • List of the expenses that you spend as basic human needs
  • List of expenses what you spend as special expenses

These are mainly the documents the court will ask for. Some other documents can be required if the court wants. But in most cases, these are needed. 

Fill up all the forms:

There have different types of forms that you must fill up for applying. In this second step, you have to fill up all of them and make them ready to submit to the court. 

Make copies of all the completed forms:

In this step, you have to make copies of all the documents because they will be needed anytime in different cases. So, you should always keep one copy with you. 

Along with these, you have to make three copies of all of them. One for the court, obviously, one for the biological parent that means the payor, and one for the caregiver that means you.

Submit the forms:

In this step, you have to submit all the forms to the court. You can submit it online or go to the court physically.

Serve the payor:

After submitting the forms, you have to send one copy to the payor. Providing one copy of the forms signifies that you are legally giving notice to the biological parent or payor you applied for the child support. You can send it in different ways, including: 

  • Send the copy to the biological parent through a lawyer.
  • Send the copy through an adult person who lives beside the parent’s house. 
  • Send the copy through the mail. 

These are mainly the step you need to follow to apply for child support. We hope you have understood the process very well.   

In a nutshell

In Canada, biological parents have to pay child support when their child lives with another parent after their divorce. It’s a very strict rule there. Basically, this child support system is applicable for the under 18 children. They are unable to earn money.

That is why child support is very significant for them to continue their lives and fulfill the basic human needs. But for applying and getting child support, you need to know how to get this. 

In this article, we have given you all the guidelines on how to apply for child support and all the information regarding this as well. We hope after reading this article, you will not have any doubts about child support. Then again, if you have any, you can ask in the comment section. We will clear your doubt as soon as possible. 

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