How To Apply Home Decor Stickers and Their Types


Decorate your home creatively. Wall Stickers are a trend in decorations for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, or any other space, and they are even more attractive if personalized. The best Sticker Wallpaper is ideal for transforming your home and making it cool without spending much on paint.

There are different types of decor stickers for different rooms including kitchen, living room, bedroom, children’s room, study room, and even for bathroom. You can apply romantic, floral, modern, geometric, and other personalized home decor stickers. In this article, we have listed different types of decor stickers that you can apply in your home. Moreover, you can also check out the post if you are looking for high-quality Bumper Stickers for sale.

Children Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers can make your life easier when it comes to decorating and renovating the walls of the children’s room, and make it more fun for them. Wall Stickers don’t have backgrounds, which can give your walls a better finish, and unlike Wallpaper, you don’t need to fill the entire surface of the wall, just the part you want. The Wall Sticker can also be applied quickly to the walls, as it is high-adhesive, made with a self-adhesive pvc film, so it does not require the use of glues, tapes or related things.

This product is made with materials that will not put your health, let alone that of children, at risk, and it does not harm the environment. In addition to being practical, the Wall Sticker can offer several other qualities, such as its long durability, cleaning with water and neutral soap and can still be applied to glass, smooth walls, tiles, furniture, doors, refrigerators, mirrors or wherever you wish.

Chalkboard Wall Stickers

Make your decor more interactive, developing your children’s creativity or just leaving a reminder on your wall and on your fridge door. With Chalkboard Wall Stickers, you choose your model and decorate the environment you want in a few minutes. A decorative item that allows you to write on it with chalk in any color.

This is a great quality product that can be pasted in the children’s room, for them to have fun, preventing them from scribbling and ruining their walls, and it can also be applied in your kitchen or office, to write down important messages or have other purposes. Allow your decoration to gain more sophistication, with a more fun air, using the sticker model that best matches the environment you want to decorate. This product is easy to apply because it is high-adhesive, as well as being a decorative item that matches any environment. Add that special touch to your walls. There are several models for you to choose from!

Mandala Wall Stickers

Mandalas symbolize harmony and the dynamic relationship between man and the cosmos, in addition to being used in meditation and spiritual concentration mantaras. Mandalas have different shapes and still contain beautiful and eye-catching details, which can make your environment more pleasant. It was with this culture in mind that we developed the Mandalas Wall Stickers, and with them you can decorate your environment, representing these spiritual symbols that are used for deep meditations, and still leave your bedroom, living room, or wherever you prefer, with more life and transmitting tranquility.

This decorative item is made with high quality products that will give your walls a better finish, and can still offer other positive features. Print on your beautiful walls Mandalas saving time, the stickers are very simple to be applied anywhere, as they are made with a self-adhesive pvc film, which makes it easy to apply. Check out more models and get yours!

Cinema Wall Stickers

If you are passionate about movies, series or things related to the entertainment universe, Cinema Wall Stickerscan decorate your home and show your friends and family the size of your passion. Stamp your environment with your favorite characters, be it your bedroom, living room or office. Now you can decorate your home more easily using Cinema Wall Stickers, as it is a high-adhesive product, which can give your walls a better finish, without leaving bubbles or marks.

Use in your environment a product that can offer several qualities, such as the ease of application, its long durability and it is still an item that can match any environment in your home. Impress your eyes with its different but still very elegant decor, which is made up of a theme of your choice. Don’t stay there with your boring decor,

Tress Wall Stickers

Trees are very important to nature, serving as a source of inspiration for some cultures, whether in paintings or even artistic sculptures. You can have this beauty stamped in your living room, bedroom or any other room in your house that you prefer. We were inspired by this theme to develop the Tree Wall Stickers, with images, silhouettes, drawings of flowers, among other things that make up this very charming theme that can give your environment an extra charm.

Bring to your room a decoration that conveys more tranquility and harmony. Make your guests more comfortable using any model of these Stickers that can make your home more receptive. Stickers are made with a pvc film that makes it easier to apply, and also gives your walls a better finish, ensuring that they look more beautiful, without bubbles and marks on the stickers. Check out our models and get yours now, whether it’s for your bedroom, living room or even the baby’s corner.

How To Apply Wall Stickers

You will need a spatula, or a credit card is a flannel. First clean the entire surface where the sticker will be applied, if your sticker has more than one part, cut out the pieces before applying. Check the position that the sticker will be applied. Fold 5cm Liner (white paper), apply the part that was folded to the wall.

With your left hand, pull the Liner and with your right hand, spread the sticker from the inside to the outside, do this process slowly to avoid wrinkles or bubbles, continue until the end of the sticker. Repeat this process with the other parts of the Sticker. Now remove the Mask (transparent plastic), always with your hand touching and never moving away from the wall. If any part of the adhesive comes off along with the Mask, mix it up again. Ready! Now just admire your sticker.

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