How to Become a Casino Croupier?


If you want to pursue further training as a croupier, then you can imagine that there are some prerequisites. You really have to deal with a lot of money and therefore your certificate of good conduct must be absolutely impeccable. An entry must not have gotten lost in this one. Furthermore, many non GamStop casinos attach great importance to language skills, especially in English, better yet another one, such as French, Dutch, and even Japanese. Furthermore, you should not have arithmetic weaknesses, but be particularly good at mental arithmetic, as you can imagine.

If you are interested in the profession of croupier because you believe that you can make big money here, you will quickly be disappointed. At the beginning, for example, a blackjack dealer earns around 2000 euros gross per month. However, if you already have some experience and do this work as a freelancer, you can earn around 5000 euros a month.

Working hours are usually 40 hours per week. If you work part-time or freelance, the working hours will of course vary. If you would like to find out in advance whether the job as a roulette croupier is interesting for you, you can take part in seminars in advance and thus get a first insight. In any case, a career as a croupier is very varied. You always have to deal with a lot of people and who knows, maybe you will host a celebrity someday.

What Is the Croupier Job?

It’s not like any other job – the croupier is one of the most important employees in the casino and is the focal point of many games.

Gambling fascinates many people. From the lottery to sports betting, the selection is now enormous, but games that are presented in non GamStop casinos are still particularly attractive. These include, for example, the classics roulette or blackjack, which can be found at several tables in most casinos worldwide. There, visitors can bet on a win with different stakes and often with different variants. Having a croupier at the table is very important to ensure that everything runs smoothly in these and other table games. He keeps an overview at all times, pays out the winnings to the players and collects the lost stakes for the casino.

Do Croupiers Also Get Tips?

The tip is certainly particularly interesting as a croupier. This adds quite a bit to the monthly salary. However, it is important that the croupier always claims the smallest piece of money for himself, thanks him in a friendly way and, of course, shares it with his colleagues. However, there are guidelines you should follow. In baccarat you should tip 1 to 1.5% of the winnings, in poker about 1% of the pot won. The guideline is certainly 1% if you are unsure. If you calculate this once a month, it can add up to a small sum.

Of course you can also go to the city of cities and possibly work there as a roulette croupier. This is Las Vegas, who wouldn’t want to go there. However, in order for you to gain a foothold here, you must have a few years of experience and have already proven yourself at large casinos. Getting settled in Las Vegas is by no means easy.

New Non GamStop Casinos As a New Alternative

From the player’s point of view, the croupier is extremely important. At the same time, it is an interesting job that can open the way for applicants to the gaming industry. In the meantime, there are even more and more chances, because even portals for games of chance on the Internet have long been offering more than just games against the computer. As a live dealer on the Internet, you stand in front of the camera in a studio, while the players can watch the croupier at work via video stream. At the same time, they place their bets at virtual tables from home. With such opportunities, the operators of non GamStop casinos want to ensure that more and more players are enthusiastic about bets on the web, who would otherwise prefer to drive to the nearest casino themselves.

Working While Studying

In order to be able to work as a croupier, applicants must meet certain requirements. On the one hand, it is very important that you are always concentrated at the table and keep an overview. Mental arithmetic is of course also very important in order to pay out the correct amount of winnings. Last but not least, the croupier must not only remain sovereign, but also remain friendly in order to make the players feel good and encourage them to bet more. You can learn all these things during an apprenticeship, but there are also some students who finance their time at university by working as a croupier. It can be worth it, after all, in addition to the hourly wage from the casino, there are also tips from lucky winners.

Long-term Perspective

Of course, there are not only croupiers who practice this profession as a part-time job. On the contrary, many experienced croupiers have been at the tables for many years and are very happy to work full-time in the casino. Thanks to the many different games, there are always new challenges there, and you can also look forward to great promotion opportunities and other opportunities in a casino. In general, the non GamStop gambling industry is also a fascinating employer where you can learn a lot about people and, of course, earn an interesting salary.

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