How to Bet on Sports From New York


Initially, New York’s sports betting market moved slowly. You had a lot of possibilities if you resided in upstate New York, where all of the casinos provided sports betting in person. The three neighboring states – New Jersey, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania – demanded that residents of New York City be open to venturing outside their home state.

There are now nine sportsbook companies licensed by the State of New York to accept bets online. This year’s Super Bowl is set to be preceded by the release of all of these.

It’s impossible to imagine a better way to wager on sports than through the internet and mobile platforms.

Betting on sports in New York is completely legal, although it is presently only available at the BetRivers Sportsbook, the FanDuel Sportsbook, the DraftKings Sportsbook, the del Lago Resort Casino, Turning Stone in Verona, Yellow Brick Road in Chittenango, and Resort World Catskills in Monticello. To place a wager, you won’t need to travel to any of these locations in New York once the mobile apps and online sports betting sites become live there!

Be aware that while you can open a sports betting account from any location, it’s not possible to bet unless you’re physically located in a permitted jurisdiction, such as Pennsylvania or New Jersey. So you can sign up from the comfort of your own home, but you must place your bets in that state.

If you’re ready to travel or train to New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you can place your bets immediately from your smartphone or laptop.

Sports books in new jersey for NY sports bettors

We tend to think of “Vegas” when discussing sports betting, but the truth is that New Jersey might be the home of sports betting in the United States. A billion dollars worth of wagers will be placed over the next four months, and New Jersey has more operators available than any other state.

New Jersey sportsbooks can be easily accessible through any mobile device or computer with an internet browser, some providers even offer apps to add just a tad of convenience and accessibility to the frequent bettors. One can find a lot of information about these apps by reading professional reviews or checking comparison lists like one of the 10 best NY mobile sportsbook apps, or any other list on that matter. This can pay off greatly in terms of finding the best welcome bonuses and the odds that give you your best value for money.

As before, you don’t need to personally visit these places. It’s as simple as enabling location services on your smartphone and ensuring that you’re physically located within the state of New Jersey in order for the app to locate you.

Only retail sports betting is now available in New York, but that will change by the end of 2021. The first week of April saw the approval of online and mobile betting, and now sportsbooks are preparing to submit bids in an effort to provide their customers with the option to wager from the comfort of their own homes or while on the go.

We will continue to list New York’s retail, brick-and-mortar gaming establishments for people who want to wager on sports until the reforms are fully implemented. All of New York’s sportsbooks will be announced once the dust has settled and they’ve had a chance to be up and running.

New Jersey is still the greatest area to place sports bets in the meantime. Only if you reside within a reasonable distance of a retail gaming establishment do you have any genuine options. You’ll have to travel to Pennsylvania if you live in Buffalo, New York. To get to New Jersey, you’ll have to leave your home in New York City.

At the same time, Governor Andrew Cuomo has shifted his stance on mobile and online betting in New York. Although it’s upsetting that it’s going to be put up this way, anything is better than nothing and it’ll be launched later in 2021.

Despite New York’s approval of mobile sports betting, the amount of fine print and regulations will not make it as welcoming to bettors as it could have been. While New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo changed his mind about mobile and online sports betting after the COVID-19 epidemic, he insisted on doing things his way.

If nothing else, the involvement of the industry’s biggest names should thrill New York’s sports bettors, but it’s not going to open up the market like it did in New Jersey. It should be enough to keep New York City’s money in the state, which was all Cuomo cared about.

New York’s bettors will have a variety of options. Currently, they have a footing in the state thanks to retail relationships with casinos in other areas of the state. In order to provide mobile and internet betting services, operators in New York must submit proposals and bids to the state. DraftKings, who has an arrangement with Del Lago in Waterloo and uses their servers there, must also go through this process.

You can’t go wrong with New York City. It is the nation’s most populous city and metropolitan area by a large margin. Buffalo, a major metropolis, will also be a part of the online and mobile betting mix. It’s possible that other sportsbooks will put in bids to see what occurs, but for the time being, it appears as if those four bookmakers have the upper hand.

Nonetheless, we’re talking about a lot of money. Obtaining a 10-year license will set you back $25 million in addition to a slew of other fees. For some operators, the benefits of acquiring a piece of the NYC market far exceed the drawbacks, but it’s possible that others will be reluctant to become involved.

In addition, the various Native American tribes are dissatisfied with the way things transpired. Tribal casinos, like Turning Stone and all three Seneca casinos in western New York, make up a significant portion of the state’s gaming infrastructure.

For many New York bettors, this is a “better than nothing” scenario. Even if it isn’t a completely fair system, New Yorkers and their neighbors will be able to place bets from their homes rather than having to travel to New Jersey to do so. That is, after all, all that matters to bettors.

In order to make up for all the licensing fees, revenue-sharing, and other costs, operators may employ price shading or other methods. However, once all of the bids are settled and online and mobile betting arrive in the state of New York, the ease with which New Yorkers can place bets will increase significantly.





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