How to bid on Sweatcoin

Move-to-Earn applications are this year’s hyped-up cryptocurrency sensation. It makes sense considering that they offer tokens only for walking or running on a daily basis. But the big excitement has led to exorbitant prices. For example, to start playing the top M2E game STEPN, you need to buy NFT sneakers, and their prices are quite high. Today we will talk about a project that, according to, you can enter without investment. This is a British startup called Sweatcoin.

The principle of the Sweatcoin game is clear – we earn tokens for steps and running. This app has been trending on the App Store in many countries.

How does this app function?

The background-running app makes use of the phone’s GPS module. Therefore, every action we take is monitored and noted. One Sweat Coin is awarded by the software for every 1000 steps. You could earn up to 10 sweatcoins each day by taking 10,000 steps either running or walking (about 5 km). The program starts with a 20-minute boost once every day. Your steps are multiplied at this time.

Coins earned are added to the application’s internal wallet. Additionally, the organization provides a letter every week with thorough information on the actions completed and suggestions on how to win more Sweatcoins.

To date, the app’s economy has been fueled by advertising, subscriptions, and sponsored brands that can be purchased with the app’s virtual currency.

How is the auction process organized?

The process is fairly basic. On the Sweatcoin application, there are multiple sales every week. Since the item is on the market, a bid can be placed by the users of the program just by pressing the “Raise Bid” icon. The previous bid should be lower than yours. It is required that this bid be 0.1 Sweatcoins higher than the one before it.

Each auction lasts for 2 days. There is a timer and when the countdown hits 0, the winning bidder earns the award after Sweatcoin checks that the applicant has obtained his coins legally. The incentives will be given out about a month after the auction’s end.

To achieve the reward of your wishes, the app pushes you to move, unlock your daily boosts and bonus features, and collect as many coins as possible. Every week, you can learn about thrilling, previously unseen auction rewards. Additionally, you can use a social networking app to join private Instagram auctions for smaller prizes, where everyone can bid and win.

What things are available for purchase on auctions?

You can buy a wide range of items with Sweatcoins, including a $1000 Amazon gift card, a Samsung TV, a Mavic Air 2 drone, and many more items.

Auctions turned out to be a fantastic extension to the program and could greatly extend the shelf life of the products offered to app users. Although the elimination of the marathon deals has left some users upset, it currently appears that as soon as you have made a sufficient number of steps, you get a reasonable chance of bidding on and obtaining various wonderful goods.

Why should you try this app?

Cryptocurrency has gained immense popularity in recent times. Experts believe that the trend towards the predominance of virtual currency over real money will continue to develop. Technology is developing rapidly and successfully being introduced into everyday life. There is a certain probability that crypto money can replace conventional money soon. The digitalization of the world has led to the fact that using cryptocurrency has become much more profitable than paying with paper money. Since the cryptocurrency does not have a physical shell, it cannot be counterfeited. It is not tied to any physical address, and government agencies cannot control the activity of virtual currency, which indicates the safety of its use.

M2E applications quickly began to gain popularity because they offer the user to earn money through movement, that is, they gamify the process of earning coins. A huge number of users every day join Sweat and other similar games. M2E applications motivate users to have an active lifestyle, which will positively affect their future health. Each user can earn a certain amount of project tokens while spending time for the benefit of their health.