How to Buy and Manage a Glass Bubbler


As a smoker, trying out new experiences is always optimal. Not only can you see what you like and what you don’t, but you also get the joy of trying out new things. Trying out a bubbler is optimal when expanding your smoking collection. The bong was the first pipe to be invented. It is a cylinder-shaped tobacco jar with two large holes for the tobacco container and a small chamber for the water pipe.

A bubbler is a uniquely-made and expert tool that helps you enjoy your smoking experience to the max. If you’re curious to know in detail what is a bubbler and how you can start using it, keep on reading!  If you want to know more about bubblers vs bongs, you can visit Smoke Honest.

If you want to know more about bubblers vs bongs, you can visit Smoke Honest. They have broken down their differences.

Understanding a Bubbler

A bubbler is a hand-held pipe that you can use to smoke whatever you want. While it is similar to other smoking tools like a bong, there are differences. A bubbler has a fixed bowl chamber that can’t be removed, which is not the case with a bong.

You may also find that a bubbler comes with a percolator, which enables your smoke to be aerated. It can heighten your smoking experience with minimal effort. You will also find a carb that helps you clear out the smoke from the bubbler once you are done smoking.

Factors You Should Consider When Buying A Bubbler

When looking to find the perfect bubbler, you have to ensure that you’re checking it thoroughly. If you’re not sure of what to check when you’re considering buying a bubbler, here are some aspects to consider:

  • Design: Most glass bubblers are made to be one-of-a-kind pieces by artisans who have been in the industry for years. You can find unique designs that will be hard to find anywhere else when you’re looking to add to your collection.
  • Quality: Depending on where you’re buying the bubbler from, the glass can be double or triple-blown. The conditions that the glass has been put through will determine its quality when you’re using it.
  • Reviews: When you’re looking for a bubbler that you can use for a long time, you need to ensure that it’s been well received by other customers. You can look on forums online or the website reviews for the product.
  • Use: How much you end up using the bubbler should also be a factor when you’re deciding to invest in one. If you’re utilizing it frequently, it might be ideal to look for a high-end product.

Checking the Price

When looking for a good-quality bubbler, the price will play an essential factor. While good bubblers don’t come cheap, there’s no reason to be paying a premium price for it.

If you’re unaware of how much you should be paying for a bubbler, it is ideal to look through various bubblers and their price points. Find the rough estimate of the cost of a bubbler and make your decision.

Maintenance Of A Bubbler

At this point, you know what is a bubbler, but that’s not all you have to know about it. Once you invest in a bubbler, you have to know how to clean and maintain it. You can’t simply use it and store it.

Ideally, you should rinse your bubbler with hot water every once in a while to ensure there is no discoloration or long-term stains. If you need a more thorough clean, using an alcohol and salt solution will be ideal as well.

Once you know how to buy and manage a bubbler, you don’t need to wait any longer to get started on your perfect smoking experience.

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