How To Celebrate Halloween With Your Live-In Partner: Top Tips


Halloween is getting more and more popular every year. Since autumn evenings are long, we all want a miracle, so both adults and children expect something magical and terribly intriguing from this holiday.

But if you want to celebrate the night of the dead with just the two of you, don’t worry. We’ve already prepared some fantastic ideas to make your Halloween night the way it should be – a truly spectacular one!

Go for a massage

Go for a massage

Why not spend a spooky evening just relaxing in an intimate setting. Go for a full body massage! Let the massage specialist knead each bone and area of the skin.

During a massage with your loved one, you can truly plunge into the atmosphere of harmony between body and soul, enjoy extraordinary sensations and, of course, strengthen relationships. And if you want to ruffle your nerves, ask the massage therapist to turn on creepy music in the background.

Organize a competition for the best pumpkin

Figuratively carved pumpkins are an essential attribute of Halloween. Do you know the legend of Jack the Lantern? Jack tried to deceive the devil so that he would not take his soul and take it with him to hell. However, Jack was not allowed into paradise for all his sins. So now Jack wanders the world with a pumpkin head and is seeking for a place where he can find peace. Creepy, isn’t it? But at the same time very exciting!

Go to the market, choose the biggest pumpkin you can find, and have a pumpkin carving contest. Carving faces can be a great way to spend time together. And let the loser fulfill your wish.

Watch a horror movie

If you don’t really want to go anywhere, then you can have a very special evening at home. To get started, get ready to watch a horror movie – tell each other the horror stories that you know.

When all the scary stories are gone, you can turn on the TV and watch the classic horror movie of your choice. And you can be sure that you will be grateful to those who are close to you, because at times it will be really scary.

Prepare a special Halloween themed dinner

Nothing truly makes an evening special like a specially prepared meal. The most important part of this festive dinner is the punch. Find a couple of interesting recipes on the Internet and enjoy.

And of course, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without some delicious and spooky looking treats. Try pumpkins, spicy sausages and scary muffins.

Arrange a quest for your partner

The scenario of the quest can be found on the Internet. Usually, for a quest at home, you need to write several letters with tasks and put them in different places around the apartment, and draw a map. Letters should be cryptic and ominous. For example: “You wandered into the house of a mad professor. Yesterday he conducted regular experiments on his victims, which ended unsuccessfully. He usually lures random travelers like you into his lair. Oh, you’re going to have a hard time. After all, unsuccessful experiments are the living dead and monsters that roam the house in search of new victims. Would you like to join them?”

Have a cocktail night

Set aside traditional alcoholic cocktail recipes. In the evening, hideous and horrifying beverages are served!

Check the Frankenpunch recipe:

  • 2 liters of ginger ale;
  • 400 ml of tequila;
  • liter of pineapple juice;
  • 600 g lime sorbet;
  • lime or lemon slices for garnish

In a handy bowl, mix all liquid ingridients. Pour the mix into glasses and top with an ice cream and a slice of lime. Serve over ice.

Lime sorbet is best made ahead of time; it’s simple: freshly squeezed juice is blended with a little powdered sugar and frozen in an ice cream machine.

Other recipes can be found online. After all, a cocktail party is great for any kind of occasion.

Wrap up

So, everything is ready, and you know exactly how to celebrate Halloween at home together. Wait until dark, turn off the lights, light candles, prepare cocktails and turn on a good mystical film. Remember, Halloween is, first of all, a fun holiday in which you should have a good rest on the envy of ghosts and evil spirits.

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