How to Celebrate Perfect Christmas with Your Partner: Top Tips


Christmas is, unlike the New Year, a quiet family holiday, which you often want to celebrate with just the two of you. We have prepared for you some tips on how to make Christmas with your loved one truly unforgettable.

The very first and most important thing you should do is discuss with your loved one how you both would like to spend this day. If you ignore this moment, it is likely that your partner will invite someone to visit, or vice versa, will gather with you to visit friends. And the point is not that they don’t want to stay with you alone – they simply don’t know about your plans. Therefore, to avoid such an awkward situation, let your lover know in advance that you want to celebrate Christmas together.

Top ideas for celebration

Home decoration

Decorating the house together – what could be cozier and more romantic? Try to weave a Christmas wreath on the door together, make a New Year’s garland of felt, make a bouquet of Christmas tree branches. If you are not a fan of spruce, order a regular bouquet of flowers or a peony bouquet for delivery to make your space look more tender and festive. Flowers always improve the overall look of the house, and we rarely order flowers (it’s not clear why). Order a bouquet of flowers in red and white colors – this is the best Christmas combination!


Surely this has already crossed your mind, but we couldn’t start this article without mentioning one of the most classic and romantic plans that many couples love. With the help of ice skating, you will experience the sensations of incredible pleasure from this winter outdoor entertainment and remember for a lifetime how you fell and got up again when you learned to skate. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Christmas market

Who can resist a real fairy tale among thousands of colored lights, music, food stalls, Christmas treats, mulled wine, gingerbread, Christmas decorations and Christmas music?

Visiting the Christmas market is a sure way to fill your Christmas with a magical atmosphere and traditions. By the way, each country has its own traditions of Christmas markets. 

Rolling in the snow

Snow, par excellence, is one of the main attributes of the Christmas season, so… pack your bags and go to a small hotel or a country house away from the city, where there is a lot of snow, to ski, sled and just throw snowballs, as in childhood! Merry Christmas fun!

Cooking Christmas cookies

On New Year’s holidays, you can afford everything tasty and sweet! Especially at Christmas, this is the time when sweets and desserts fill our homes. So, get creative and make some ginger, coconut, almond Christmas cookies with your partner… You will have a great time. And don’t worry about your shape!

Christmas photo session

We are all waiting for the miracle and magic of Christmas, and photos will help us capture this most magical time of a lifetime! The New Year’s photo session will give you a magical fairy tale. So, choose a professional photographer from the many that we have at Perfect Venue, and choose a specially designed studio, an idyllic and cozy place with Christmas lights, and the photographer will create colorful photographs for memory.

Christmas movie

And how do you like this idea, so that on one of the cold and snowy days, stay at home together, on the couch, wrapped in a cozy blanket, preparing hot chocolate and popcorn to arrange a Christmas movie marathon. Laugh at “Home Alone” or watch “Love Actually” and burst into tears!

Massage, relaxation and sauna for two

Taking advantage of the fact that at Christmas time we enjoy a few days of vacation, what better way than to enjoy complete disconnection and relaxation during such a magical time of the year. You can find a place where you can swim outdoors in very warm water.

You can also organize your own sauna at home with a jacuzzi, glasses of wine, candles and massages.

Wrap up 

Christmas is primarily a family holiday. And to make this evening especially sincere and cozy, try to approach everything creatively. Choose one of our ideas and Merry Christmas!

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