How to Choose a Good Battery for Cannabis Vape?

If you already vape, you’ll have seen the way the market has changed in the past few years. For those new to vaping there is quite a lot to learn, and with many devices and alternatives to choose from you may find it a bit confusing to start.

A vape device – whether a vape pen or other design – is basically a container for the cannabis to go in, an atomizer or coil that is heated to atomize the cannabis and create the vape cloud, a battery to heat the atomizer and the electronics to make it all happen.

Some vape devices are precisely as described above: basic, one touch devices with no frills. However, it didn’t take long for vape device manufacturers to realise that – for cannabis vapers especially – a vape device with adjustable voltage batteries would be a popular option. That’s why we’re talking about the 510 battery, what it is and why you need to know about it. Let’s waste no more time: what is a 510 battery?

Why You Need a 510 Battery

When you start looking for your vape equipment at a reputable online vape retailer you will see a variety of 510 thread batteries with different styles and specifications. Don’t let the jargon put you off! Why the 510-thread battery? Put simply, it’s pretty much the industry standard now that vaping cannabis is big business. 510 refers to the thread that connects the battery to the rest of the device – the bit you screw in if you like – and all vape device manufacturers have settled on this design for simplicity.

This means that you can change the battery on just about any vape device for another with the same size thread, and as everyone is using this standard that should allow you to customize your vape device. So, what would you need to buy a different battery to that which came with your vape pen?

Adjustable Voltage Batteries

Early vape devices came with a single temperature setting. This is fine for single-use disposable vape pens, and also the most basic vaping products that are carried for convenience. However, it does limit the experience somewhat, and here’s why.

When you select the start sequence on your vape device – this will usually require you to press a button a number of times – the battery immediately heats the compartment in which the cannabis is stored. It heats it to a temperature where the cannabis atomizes. Note there is no flame involved. This creates the vape cloud you inhale to get your weed hit.

It soon became clear that an adjustable voltage battery would be an advantage. Adjusting the voltage changes the temperature at which the cannabis is atomized by small amounts.  This alters the taste and strength of the hit. Bear in mind that vaping cannabis is far purer than smoking it, and you see why adjustable voltage batteries are popular, as they allow the user to find their ideal temperature.

What the Future Holds

The future of vaping tech is often discussed in the industry press, and it’s fair to say there will be plenty of R&D going on behind the scenes at the vape companies. We see new developments all the time – different materials for the atomizer, for example, and for the mouthpiece and other parts of the device – and that is not going to stop anytime soon.

We can expect the future of vaping tech to bring more efficient and customizable devices to the market and with many new brands entering a market sector that is hotly contested it will be interesting to see what the next breakthrough is.