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It is so difficult to make the right choice when you are planning your future house. There are so many amazing magazines about it and books. Yet, they dont help to make the right choice as on another page you find something better. After a long day, you get a headache and an empty house. To chill you will need BetTony, but to make the right choice we will share our opinion in this article.

The architecture of the internal space of a building or interior depends on its purpose. Different types, scales, materials, structures, and many other conditions must be calculated. In the composition of the interiors of all types of buildings, there are some general techniques and principles. The knowledge helps to further master the creative practice of interior components in the design of various buildings.

The Main Task

The main and main task of the composition of the interior of the building is the maximum convenience for people. Also, one of its options is the expediency of the functional process during the operation of the building.

This is determined by the general structure of the building plan. There are the dimensions of the premises and the location of equipment in them. Moreover, the best communication between the premises is also planned. You will find there the shortest communication routes inside the building. Also, there will be the possibility of the easy and clear orientation of people in the building, and the fulfillment of a number of special sanitary and hygienic requirements such as lighting, thermal conditions, ventilation, etc.

Technical And Economic Conditions

Along with this, the composition of the internal space of the building is determined by such technical and economic conditions. It is a need to use high-quality and durable materials. You will need to find out the simplest and most economical structures for walls. Not only for walls but also for ceilings, openings, and other elements of the building. There will be the correspondence of all areas and heights of the premises to actual needs, etc. Of great importance in the interior is also its artistic side. A prerequisite for constructing an interior is the spatial distribution of interior spaces. It has certain artistic qualities. Stairs, equipment, openings, and structural elements make up the interior of the building.

The artistic features of the interior depend on the epoch, social and everyday life. The same goes for the architecture of the building as a whole. The purpose of the building and its individual premises, and their significance in composition, size, and equipment influence everything.

The modern interior of residential, public, and industrial buildings is characterized by some general development trends.

It can be defined as the desire to create an environment. Such an environment is not only comfortable but light, spacious, and free. It would not constrain human movements. It would not crush the proximity of blank walls and ceilings. It would not isolate him from the outside world. The only thing it would be opened into the surrounding space to the light, sun, air, and green spaces.

Hence, in modern conditions, some general requirements for the spatial structure and spatial relationships of interior spaces follow.

They must meet the indicated features, regardless of whether the premises are large or small.

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