How To Choose Your Wedding Cake


The wedding bells are ringing. Finally, you, too, have decided to walk down the aisle. After all the initial euphoria, the reality of organizing a stunning wedding sinks in. You realize what a pain the entire process is going to be.

People at this point pay attention only to the significant aspects of the wedding and ignore things they think are insignificant.

However, choosing a perfect cake for the event is equally important. The cake you present is the first sweetness you intake before stepping into married life. Naturally, you have to choose your wedding cake smartly, and here we share with you some simple tips to do so.

Choice of the baker

If someone in your circle had a wedding and you loved the cake, visit them. When it comes to choosing the baker, word of mouth plays an important role. Different bakers have different specializations in the types of cake.

In case you have decided which kind of cake you want, look for bakers specializing in the same. Contact them and ask if they can actually execute the design, taste, and combination you have in mind. You could take pictures from the internet and show them for a better idea. offers a fantastic range of cakes, and you could contact them for your requirements.

The time factor

Wedding cakes are not made in an instant. There are timelines involved, and those could range from three to six months. Especially if you have a designer cake in mind, it could take many days to execute the same.

Ask your baker about his time constraints and book your cake, keeping that in mind. Once you have finalized the venue, dress, and theme of the wedding, you should be able to decide on the cake.

Size of the cake

Your cake size is basically the number of tiers it has, and that governs how many mouths it can feed. First, decide what size of slice you would like to offer. Then ask the bakers how many tiers would be able to provide a piece for each guest that comes to your wedding.

A three-tier cake can feed nearly 100 people. If your gathering is more than that, it is evident that the cake tiers should increase. In case you do not want many tiers, you could think of using columns in between each tier.

If the venue is large with high ceilings, a cake with columns becomes the perfect choice.

Choice of frosting

Many factors govern your choice of frosting. Supposing the weather is warm, a fondant cake is better than whipped cream, meringue, or butter cream. The fondant does not melt like the other frostings. If you want a buttercream taste but the appearance of fondant, you could ask your baker to accommodate.

Apart from that, the frosting color should be chosen wisely. No one would like a cake which has blue or green frosting and can change their tongue color.

Choose unusual flavors

In the case of a wedding cake, it is always wise to choose a flavor that you like instead of ones that others enjoy. That is because the wedding cake is a representation of you. Try and keep the season in your mind. Certain flavors like strawberry and blueberry are suitable for summers.

On the other hand, some flavors work perfectly in fall, like pumpkin. You could also get your cake made in different tiers with distinct flavors in each. Though that would satisfy the craving for everyone, it could be a pain to cut the cake.

Have a tasting

Once you have decided on the flavor, frosting, and other items, time to go for a tasting session. Here you can see how the cake would taste with various flavor combinations. Ask for at least four to five different taste flavors so that it is easy for you to make a choice.

The same flavor could taste different depending on who is making it. You would not want to be stuck with a bad-tasting cake in the end. So, the more you can explore, the better it is going to be.

Make sure everything matches the theme of the wedding

You must have decided on a theme for your wedding. The overall design and color of the cake must match up with the theme. The cake must look a part of the entire wedding arrangements.

Supposing you choose a cake that does not match the décor would like an out-of-the-place addition. You could add similar flowers on the cake as that of the ceremony or the gown’s lace pattern to continue the theme.

Understand the pricing

Obviously, you would have decided your budget well in advance. But do not forget that the pricing of a cake works on separate parameters. Some bakers charge a base fee depending on the number of slices you are going to take.

The charge of the slice could range from $1.5 to $15 per slice. Again if you choose a fancy decorating theme, this price will show a hike. Fondant frosting will cost more than the buttercream version. The more work it takes to make a cake, the more costly it is going to be.

Discuss the delivery

The last thing you need to talk about is the delivery and how the baker will arrange it. Sometimes the baker has to bring the cake in separate pieces and assemble it at the venue. This means the cake would need refrigeration, and so your venue should have an arrangement for that.


Your wedding is made memorable by the various aspects associated with it. When you spend so much time on the venue, decoration and other things do not forget the cake. Follow the essential tips and then book your wedding cake.

Do not do something out of the box, as you might not get the chance to make any changes to it. Your wedding is a special day; hence any mistakes will spoil the entire essence of the day.  Choose safe options and enjoy the memories of your wedding for long.

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