How To Create Your Dog’s Own Place In A Small Apartment


Many people have dogs in their homes, especially in small apartments with only a few rooms. Despite living in an apartment, you may wonder what options you can look into to give your dog his or her own space in your living quarters. We spoke with Dave Miller from Cozy Crates to compile this advice for dog owners living in small apartments, so your dog knows he or she always has a place to go to while stressed out. Our furbabies need their own safe place, too!

Identify Your Dog’s Area

As you get started, you should figure out which part of the apartment will be your dog’s personal space. Depending on your situation, you can give your dog a specific room or a portion of a room to help your dog feel comfortable. You could also give a corner of your room to your dog or do the same next to your bed.

If you want to give your dog his or her own place in your apartment, you must figure out where it will be. By identifying the area, you will know the spot you should focus on.

You might check the convertible dog blanket for couch for training your dog to recognize where you want him to sleep or stay, a perfect solution for you to spend time with your dog on the couch or wherever you like.

After all, dogs need consistency if you want them to recognize an area as their own, so make sure you figure out where you want to put it.

Give Your Dog a Place to Sleep

Dogs sometimes like to use their spot as a place to relax and sleep, so make sure you make it easy for your dog to do that in the spot. You can do this by putting your dog’s bed in the area or leaving blankets there for your dog to sleep on. If your dog sleeps on your bed, you can still make the area comfortable for him or her.

When a dog has personal space, he or she may want to use the area for quick naps. Make sure you choose a place where you don’t get too much noise in your apartment, so your dog can properly relax. Your dog should also have an easy time reaching this spot, so make sure you make it close to the ground or in an accessible location.

Put Toys and Treats in the Area

Dogs love to play with toys and enjoy some food, so you can help your dog identify his or her place with toys. Place some of your dog’s favorite toys in that place to make your dog more comfortable with the spot. You can also give your dog some treats whenever he or she goes to that spot as a form of encouragement.

Creating a spot for your dog involves making sure your dog views the area as safe and comfortable. As you build that trust and help your dog feel comfortable with the spot, he or she will go to it more often and use it regularly.

Have a Safe Zone for Your Dog

On top of making your dog comfortable, you can turn the area into a safety zone for your dog. Dogs like to feel safe and secure, especially if they face a scary situation they don’t like. This can include anxiety, hearing loud noises or anything else your dog doesn’t want to deal with.

If you want to make your dog feel safe, you should give him or her a narrow space with an overhead ceiling. Many owners will give their dogs different dog crates since they let dogs easily get in, stay inside the crate and feel protected. Make sure you add a dog crate or similar items to your dog’s personal space.

Train Your Dog

You can also train your dog in that area to help him or her recognize it as a personal space. Some dogs enjoy training sessions since they can have fun, get your attention and enjoy some food. By training your dog in this space, he or she will associate it with happy moments and a general sense of positivity.

As your dog trains there, he or she will see it as a great place to spend time or relax. From taking naps to enjoying time alone, your dog can find lots of joy in this personal space, so make sure you train your dog there to build up that connection.

Take Your Dog Outside

Since your dog’s own place will focus on letting your dog relax and enjoy himself or herself, make sure you take your dog outside. Dogs need to exercise and spend time outside, so you can help your dog relax and rest by going on walks. If possible, you should go on walks a couple of time with your dog to get some energy out.

If you can’t take your dog out multiple times, you can hire a dog walker in NY or take your dog out once a day for a long period of time. By giving your dog some time outside, he or she can focus on relaxing and enjoying that space instead of running around.

Give Your Dog a Bathroom Spot

Your dog also needs a place to use the bathroom such as during walks or on a potty pad. Some owners will get potty pads and put them in the same spot, so their dogs know to use the bathroom there. You can also take your dog on walks each day and encourage your furry friend to go during that time.

You need to potty train your dog while giving him or her personal space. Otherwise, your dog could have an accident in that area. Dogs mark their territory, so you will need to potty train your dog if you give him or her a specific place.

Creating a space for your dog can become difficult at times, but you can manage this in a small apartment. You can browse the internet to learn more, or these specific tips will point you in the correct direction, so you can give your dog his or her own space. Even in a small apartment, your dog will have a place he or she can visit to relax.

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