How to de clutter your home before moving


Have you been a resident of your house for a long time—perhaps months or years—and amassed a sizable collection of possessions? But now, as you prepare to relocate to a new home and embark on a new chapter of your life, you may realize that before you even consider packing up and relocating, you need to organize your home. And what better way to stay organized than decluttering, right?

There’s no getting around the fact that the relocation process will always be hectic. After all, you will perform countless tasks, from cleaning each room, so it looks fresh to packing up the entire house. And to make matters worse, if you fail to declutter, you’ll have to pack and move all those extra or unwanted items. Consequently, decluttering your home is one of the most crucial things you should do before leaving.

Therefore, to ease your worries, this blog post will offer helpful tips and ideas for decluttering your house before a move:

1. Begin by categorizing

The fundamental guideline for sifting through items is to determine whether you want to discard, sell, donate, give away, or keep it. Categorizing each item can help you stay in control and make your decluttering process more efficient. So walk through your house and think about items you no longer need; you can sell or donate them. Selling items can help you reduce the clutter and boost your savings; it’s a win-win situation.

2. If unsure, utilize the storage unit

Next, there might be a few items you are not yet ready to get rid of permanently but still want out of the way. In such a case, consider renting a storage unit. The residents of Nebraska can easily find an array of storage facilities. These usually offer a variety of unit sizes, from personal storage lockers to full-sized garage-like spaces.

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3. Get going early

Do you plan to declutter your home at the eleventh hour? Well, that may not be wise. It is because decluttering will likely feel rushed, harried, and stressful if you put off doing it until too close to the relocating date. As a result, you may not thoughtfully conduct the decluttering process. Thus, it is best to start decluttering your space as soon as possible.

A better idea is to start at least a few weeks before the relocation date. In addition, you must set aside a few hours each day to concentrate on this project. If you divide the project into smaller parts, you won’t get tempted to pack everything up and leave.

4. Make a solid action plan

There is no denying that having a robust plan can help you stay well-prepared and avoid last-minute frustration and stress. And while you may feel sluggish to jot down a plan for decluttering, doing so can help you stay organized, set priorities, and streamline the moving process.

Therefore, list the rooms or groups of items that need the most decluttering attention. Next, set out regular times in your calendar for decluttering sessions after viewing your daily routine, and decide which areas you’ll aim to handle each time. Finally, reach out to those who can assist you in this process if you need it, whether that be a spouse, colleague, family member, neighbor, or a professional organizer.

5. Go room by room

Now that you are ready to tackle the challenge of decluttering start by going from room to room. In simpler words, focus on one room at a time instead of attempting to organize your entire home. The procedure will become less intimidating as a result.

For instance, when looking around your kitchen, browse over the tools and utensils. You have likely collected a massive collection of them throughout the years. Keep the ones that are in good condition or are your favorites, and discard the others.

6. Or, go by category when decluttering

Alternatively, try decluttering by category rather than by room. We, by nature, can get attached to certain possessions. But, the ultimate goal of decluttering is to eliminate unnecessary items as much as possible. For this, you need to be ruthless while purging.

Thus, when you choose to declutter by category, you can learn how much of each item you have in your home. It gives you an advantage in determining how much a particular thing is enough in a room. When you see a group of similar items together in one location, you may get a little more ruthless with your decluttering decisions.

7. Consider sentimental objects

One of the most challenging types of clutter to purging is sentimental items.

Put this way, getting rid of a particular piece of furniture you never liked is simpler than getting rid of a sentimental thing.

So a pro tip is to not get your hands on decluttering sentimental stuff when you are just starting out and not even saving this task until the last minute. Instead, take such tough decisions when you have gained enough confidence and momentum in your project and aren’t feeling rushed. That way, you won’t be dissatisfied with your choices.

8. Set a time limit

Are you having trouble deciding what to keep and throw away when getting rid of things? You don’t need to worry. Instead, set a time limit to help you feel less anxious.

Set a 12-month time limit, as an example. Then, be very honest and ask if you have utilized that thing in the previous 12 months. If you already have it, retain it; if not, discard it. The ideal time frame is twelve months since if you haven’t used anything in a year, you probably won’t use it again.

9. Put an end to your unnecessary purchases

For everyone who needs it, here is a supplementary piece of advice. Start cutting back on your household’s consumables as soon as your house shifting is just a few weeks away.

For example, hold it if you are considering buying some ingredients to cook a meal or perhaps looking for new furniture before moving. Instead, utilize what you already have. Only add goods to your shopping list for your home that you genuinely need for that particular time before the move. After all, whatever new you bring in will require additional packing, moving, and unpacking at your new place.

Final thoughts

Let’s face it, moving is never easy, regardless of where you are going—a few blocks over or across the state. And while decluttering may seem tedious, it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Decluttering before moving gives you a chance to make the most of your new place and start over in your new home. Also, decluttering can save you time, money, and energy. It will also make it easier for you to focus on the fun aspects of the relocation, including furnishing and personalizing your new place. Thus, follow the tips and suggestions mentioned above to declutter your home more confidently and effectively.

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