How to Decode & Fix Common Job Search Mistakes


No callbacks received from employers while applying for a job or submitting your resume? With reference to fierce competition on this market, even a simple typo or lack of knowledge on how to share Linkedin profile can knock you out of contention for a job. Stop blaming world imperfection – it’s time to act!

There are several hints from our writing service experts which bring you success in pitching your qualifications to employers in your job hunt. To help job seekers out, they’ve highlighted 5 common challenges that applicants face when searching for a job and ways to overcome everything without stress.

#1 Tight Wall of ATS Bots

ATS is the main gatekeeper to your dream job, which you’ve got to get past in order to succeed in job hunting. Sometimes your resume can’t reach the hands of a qualified HR manager, being rejected, because the bot failed to get it parsed accurately. Right formatting, keywords, and compelling action verbs usage are essential in resumes for ATS to kick things up a notch.

Ensure you incorporate naturally the same keywords from the job description in your resume or CV. To stay among the successful applicants you should run your documents through ATS checkers online to exclude missed opportunities and put right the wrongs.

#2 Information Overloaded Resume

Too much information is off-putting for the employer. Be concise in your resume and use an objective that works, showing your best skills and qualifications to be offered to the employer. It serves not for your dreams laid out about a new job, it should contain your actual value proposition for the company.

Two decades of work history are overwhelming, but you don’t need to include them in detail in your resume. It’s better to leave the date of high school graduation, your hobbies, or what you like to do for fun for filling out the specialized sections of your LinkedIn profile. You have seconds to make an impression, so be sure your experience sounds right.

#3 Overstuffed Cover Letter

Skipping a cover letter at all may be a bad idea. But are you sure a recruiter really needs to read the wordy list of personal reasons why you urgently need this job or it would be great for you? Let your family circumstances remain a private matter even for networks. Just remember, your cover letter is to be laconic.

The same as with your resume, the company wants to know just what is the good of the employee for it. While writing, keep the focus on why you are the right fit for the job description and worthy of an interview. Creating a targeted cover letter with the qualifications that match the vacancy is the best way to showcase why you’re a perfect candidate.

#4 Missed Link to Your LinkedIn Profile

Social networks can tell your employer something you would like to hide. However, it is not the case with your LinkedIn profile, a link to which is an effective way to catch the attention of the hiring manager. The business network provides exhaustive information about your professional level and delivers extra space for your hard and soft skills progress.

Your task is to keep all sections updated and line up a set of references. Any of them may take you to the next level, getting closer to the job. If you know how to share a LinkedIn profile, add your LinkedIn URL to your resume. Otherwise, read the guide on this site: If you email it to the hiring manager directly, you may add the link to the profile in your email signature. Ensure your profile is not a repeat of the resume.

#5 Job Announcements as a Single Source of Opportunities

You should never rely on job adverts as a single source for successful job hunting. Networking can bring you more chances to secure a new position. The LinkedIn business connection is another strong source as you’re going through your job search. No one knows who can connect someone with whom. The more your network gets expanded, the more assets it will bring you.

You can also make a list of the top employers you would like to work for and then check their HR profiles or company’s personal website for vacancies. If you are brave enough, you can send a personal message to offer your services. LinkedIn is great for pursuing the next opportunity while searching for it. You will receive lots of job suggestions, that fit your skills and experience as a result of its tailored algorithm.

It’s not enough to have a top-quality resume for job search purposes. Promotion is a decisive factor to catch a recruiter’s eye, so make sure your LinkedIn profile is completed and up to date. If you put the strategies to work, you will make it through your hunt in one piece with a brand-new job. Don’t wait for the better times, know more about how to share a LinkedIn profile, and stand out from the crowd!

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