How To Design A Japanese Bedroom You’ll Love


When it comes to trending bedroom design, nothing has taken the interior design world by storm quite like the Japanese bedroom. The Japanese approach to bedroom decor has become increasingly popular thanks to its pared back, minimalist approach to design.

Organizing your bedroom with a new decor approach can be a great way to hit the reset button on your space. To create a Japanese bedroom you know you’re going to love, here’s everything you’ll need to know, from the types of mattress sizes that are going to be appropriate for your space (consider one of the Beautyrest black mattresses if you’re looking for a super option), to the basic layout of your room itself:

Begin by clearing out your space

If you’re looking for a complete reset, it’s going to help you to try and take most of your existing furniture out of your space. Clearing the space in your room is not only going to a fresh canvas with which you can start brainstorming Asian decor ideas out of, it’ll also allow you to do a deep clean of your space, which can be another great way to bring on a feeling of a reset.

If you know you want to hold on to certain elements of your space, however, then it might be worth considering what you want to do differently first, and come up with a plan of action that you can integrate into your space overall.

Find tatami mats to use for your floors

One of the most distinctive elements of Japanese bedroom decor is the use of tatami mats, which are a kind of woven straw mat, used traditionally inside the home. These mats allow you to walk barefoot, and are naturally quite soft and pleasant.

Since tatami mats are an organic product, they tend to cost a lot of money, so you might choose to use them in a smaller, restricted part of your bedroom. Alternatively, if you’re not interested in doing a strict interpretation of a Japanese bedroom, you can also choose to decorate your bedroom with any type of rug that makes it comfier to walk around in.

Shag rugs can be quite a cozy choice for bedrooms of this style, so be sure to keep an eye out when you’re decorating.

Use neutral tones for maximum impact

Most traditional Japanese bedrooms are focused on creating open, clean spaces, which is why they stick to neutral or pale white tones in terms of colors for their space. If you’re thinking about the right bedroom colors to choose, keep in mind Asian decor usually sticks to a simple and clean aesthetic.

This is so that you can bring the focus back on the main intention of the space, which is to rest and recover from a long day. Choosing more detailed aspects of your space, such as which mattress sizes correspond with which room, or the kind of flooring you might require, can pack a far more powerful punch.

Pick the right mattress sizes and types

Another important element to get right in a Japanese bedroom are your mattress sizes, which can play a significant role in your bedroom layout. The right mattress size is going to allow you to keep your bedroom looking nice and open. One of the most common decorating mistakes people make is picking out a mattress size that’s actually too big for their space, which results in the rest of the bedroom feeling severely cramped.

The best mattresses are going to be cozy and comfortable no matter how big they are, so it’s important to keep this in mind when you’re decorating your space. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to Asian decor is that regardless of the mattress size you opt for, most Japanese bedrooms like keeping the bed as close to the floor as possible, along with placing it in the center of your space.

Let in plenty of natural light

Finally, the lighting you allow into your bedroom plays a significant role in the way you experience a good night’s sleep. Most Asian decor pay special attention to the amount of natural light received by a space on any given day, so focus on how to utilize the lighting you do have so that you can wake up to a well-lit room.

Whether it’s’ picking the right mattress sizes for your space, or simply working through the various ways you can let natural light in, decorating a Japanese bedroom can be a fun creative project, and leave you with a cleaner, more natural-looking space you can actually sleep better in.

Finding the right balance of traditional and non-traditional elements for you to pick and choose between can leave you feeling well-balanced and ready for a total reset. You’re going to be left with a bedroom that leaves you feeling ultra-zen in no time.

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