How to Design the Perfect Contemporary Bathroom

Your bathroom is often the most overlooked part of your house. The consensus is that it just needs to do the job it’s meant for, but your bathroom deserves as much care put into it as your living room. You can use this bathroom design app to try out every single tip we mention here and plan your bathroom beforehand! Let’s get started!

Finance First

Start with a realistic budget. It’s a practical and perhaps even dull first step, but it will have far-reaching effects on the rest of your project. A well-defined budget can help you prioritise your spending and savings.

No one is insisting that you stick rigidly to your budget, but it should serve as a guideline for how much you can expect the whole project to cost. If you can find ways to cut costs in other areas, though, there’s no reason you can’t afford a few extras like a spacious bathroom with a deep soaking tub.

Be Realistic About What You Can Have

Even though your finished bathroom is beautiful, you may feel cheated if you long for features that you cannot have because they are too expensive or won’t fit. After all, you only have so much time, money, and space to work with. That’s why it’s important to keep your expectations in check and recognise the limitations of your starting position.

You can try to squeeze things in, but you’ll definitely end up regretting it when there’s no place to dry off after a shower.

Design, Iterate, Reiterate

It’s important to consider whether you actually need to relocate the bathtub/shower, sink, and toilet during a bathroom remodel. Keep in mind that relocating the associated water and sewage pipes will add to the overall project cost.

When designing a brand new bathroom, think about how you will actually use it. Think about how you’d like to visualise yourself in the bath. Will you be able to hear the flush of the toilet? Get out your measuring tape and make sure your chosen layout will work.

Design, Iterate, Reiterate

An excellent piece of advice in this respect is to make use of the knowledge and experience of specialists. Visit a bathroom showroom near you and speak with a designer. They can design a setup that makes the most efficient use of space and reduces the likelihood of accidents.

Ventilate Properly

You’ll be sorry if you ignore bathroom ventilation. That’s because it’s a recipe for disaster to have insufficient ventilation in a room with a lot of moisture. Mould growth on walls is only the beginning; frequent condensation on windows, mirrors, and shower enclosures is a major pain as well.

Installing a roof light that opens is one of the easiest and least expensive solutions to improve the ventilation in your bathroom.

For this reason, roof lights are ideal for bathroom ventilation, as steam from shower steamers amazon and baths rises. In addition to being silent, they effectively remove excess moisture without disturbing others nearby.

Having two roof lights that face each other and meet at the pinnacle of the ceiling is a popular architectural choice for bathrooms with sloping roofs. This calls for a window in the form of a sloping roof.

Employing the use of a flat roof instead? Certainly not a hurdle! In order to create sufficient ventilation in your bathroom, you should install either hinged or slide-opening flat roof lights or a vented or opening roof lantern.

Light It Up

Some people like bathrooms with low lighting, so they can take advantage of the restorative benefits of a long bath lit only by candlelight. Yet others want something that imparts far greater wisdom. Which lights you put in and how many will depend entirely on your personal taste.

It’s important to remember that a bathroom with an opening roof light can benefit from both more natural light and ventilation. The installation of a roof light is beneficial in every way since you may find that you don’t need as many artificial lights as you had anticipated.

Make Room for Storage

It’s never attractive to have a tiny glass shelf above the sink piled high with empty shampoo bottles, empty tubes of toothpaste, and a zillion toothbrushes. Nor is cramming everything you need for a shower into a little space at the end of the tub. That’s why it’s crucial for a bathroom to have adequate storage space.

You need to think about storage, even if it’s simply a cupboard, set of shelves, or wooden rack, because otherwise, you’ll be knocking over toiletries continuously and looking for somewhere to store your razor.


A bathroom should be your comfort zone, so make it so both you and your guests can experience the zen that comes with a good bathroom. Armed with these expert tips, you’re ready to design the perfect contemporary bathroom right now!