How to Deter Bed Bugs (Two Simple Methods)


Bedbugs have proven themselves to be persistent parasites. They tend to evade or survive any attempts to destroy them. Meanwhile, they continue to bite you and make a sport of your bed and clothes. However, with consistent action and following the correct procedure, you can eliminate them.

To make things easy, you can contact an exterminator to help eliminate the bugs in record time. Meanwhile, here are two easy methods to get rid of them.

1. Clean The Clutter in Your Home

Bed Bugs are always looking for places to hide, and they prefer dark places to hide. They hide in chairs, drawer joints, appliances, loose walls, wall hangings, and other dark places. Eliminate their hiding places by cleaning out the clutter and letting your home have as much room to breathe as possible.

Toss Out The Trash

Bed Bugs are not the only thing trash breeds. There are more unsavory things out there. Toss out the trash to let your room breathe. With the garbage gone, you would have eliminated many hitchhikers from your home.

Vacuum Frequently

Frequently cleaning your home will prevent the spread of bedbugs, and it can even get rid of them. As the bedbugs are hard to eliminate, your first step will be to control their growth, which frequently vacuuming your room can help you to achieve.

Wash The Fabrics

Bed Bugs love hiding inside fabrics, beds, and beds spread. When you notice a bedbug infestation, pack all the materials within a reasonable distance and wash them in hot water. This can help to thoroughly clean your clothes and eliminate the bed bugs on them. Do this frequently while the infestation is still active.

2. Isolate Infestation Sites

Isolate the area of infestation to avoid it spreading to other places. A bedbug typically lays 1-10 eggs per day, and each egg takes about ten days to hatch, growing into an adult in 5-6 weeks. Therefore isolating your bed, clothes, or a room you believe is infested will help deter the bedbugs. However, this can only curtail their growth. It would help if you still eliminated them by calling an exterminator to help out.

Second-hand Clothes

Bedbugs are usually spread by hitchhiking on traveling bags, clothes, or any other material they can find. Therefore if you buy any second-hand furniture, clean them in hot water before bringing them into your home. You should put them in a nylon bag and leave them in the sun for a couple of hours. This will eliminate the bedbugs or at least chase them away. Another method is to leave the cloth at freezing temperatures, as many creatures cannot survive it, this includes bedbugs.

Be Mindful of Your Bed

In the case of a bedbug infestation, you might wonder if you should throw out your bed. Well, no, you do not have to. Remove the bedspread, pillowcase, and all items attached to the bed, then wash in hot water. However, do make sure the manufacturer’s instructions allow this. With this, you will have gotten rid of some bed bugs.

Each bedbug infestation is unique, and it is always best to leave such cases to the professionals. This way, you can avoid mistakenly spreading the pests or harming yourself. To exterminate pests from your home, find out more from professional pest experts on how to deal with the situation.

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