How to effectively get rid of mice infestation


Like most other pests, mice look for three main things in any house – food, warmth, and shelter. However, they also have a rapid reproduction rate. They are carriers of some deadly diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, etc., making them one of the most dangerous kinds of pests. The Norway rat, otherwise known as the brown rat, is the most common species found in Hamilton, Ontario.

They have a rapid rate of reproduction and can spread illnesses. Additionally, they tend to chew on cables, books, and toys and can even nibble their way into cupboards and destroy plastic containers, food, clothes, etc. Furthermore, bacteria and viruses can be found in the urine and feces of mice.

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While there are several ways to get rid of mice, it is essential to focus on preventing an infestation in the first place.

Due to their small size, they can fit through small areas. So, cracks as small as a quarter of an inch must be sealed. Also, knowing where mice prefer to hide will help you get rid of them faster if you have mice in your house. Their whereabouts are revealed by the black poop pellets left behind. Keep food away from these places, and all edibles should be kept in containers that can’t be broken into.

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Block off entrances

Mice will try to enter the house when the temperature drops. Your foundations, siding, and doors may all have small gaps that should be sealed with caulk or weather-stripping to prevent intruders from entering.

To prevent access while maintaining airflow, block any holes with tape and add steel wool into vent openings. Since mice can’t bite through steel wool, the rodents naturally avoid it.

The Spice solution

The pepper solution is hot. Create a hot pepper spray that repels mice by combining chilli flakes, habaneros pepper slices, dish soap, and water. Spread or spray the solution in all areas of your house known for mouse activity. While not poisonous to humans or animals, this mixture can irritate the eyes, nose, and mouth.

So, it would help if you took care to keep it away from clothing, furniture, and other areas where people or animals are likely to congregate.

Utilize essential oils

Mice might be repelled by fragrant essential oils like clove and peppermint oil. You can dip cotton balls in such oils and place them in various mouse hotspots in your house, such as cabinets, drawers, under sinks, tables, etc.

Even though it won’t get rid of mice, the fragrance can be a good deterrent when used with other techniques.

Hire an exterminator

Many exterminating services are available in Hamilton, and they can help you eliminate the mice infestation. Hire a service that employs trusted experts in mice removal in Hamilton.

Although removing mice from your home may seem like an endless and tiresome effort, it can be done when you use the right tactics.

For instance, catching mice won’t be sufficient if there is an active access point allowing mice into your home. Additionally, you must close the entrance and eliminate any existing mice. Therefore, hiring a reputable pest control firm is the quickest and most effective approach to eliminating mice permanently. The highly trained team has a lot of experience in mice removal in Hamilton and is qualified to aid you with humane, no-kill mouse-control solutions.


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