How to Find the Right Interior Designer in New York


As a New York resident, you undoubtedly have a savvy sense of style, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to go it alone when it comes to interior design. Working with a professional on your home or office can come with several benefits, including insight into pitfalls or solutions you simply might not be aware of. But how do you find the right person to work with on this kind of project that can be as much about your inner self as it is about what you want the rooms where you live and work to say?


Your budget is one of those hard limits, so before getting started, you need to have an idea of what you can afford in the first place. However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the cash on hand to do what you want. One option is to take out a personal loan, and a great way to find the loan that suits you best is by visiting a marketplace that has partnerships with top providers. This allows you to compare various rates and choose the right one based on your needs and situation. When you talk to the designers you’re considering, be clear about your budget so that they’ll have a sense of what is and isn’t possible.

Research and Narrow Down

Ask family, friends, and colleagues for recommendations and look online for the top NYC interior designers, as well to get some names if you don’t know of any interior designers you’re interested in. However, avoid the temptation to spread the net too widely because you could end up in a situation where you’re paralyzed by too much choice. After some research, narrow down your choices to just three people that you’ll meet in person. Three is a good number to get a good sense of the contrast without being overwhelmed. It’s unlikely that none of them will be right if you’ve done your homework, but if that does happen, you can always go back to the drawing board.

Help Them Help You

It’s going to be difficult to figure out if you’re compatible if you don’t have an idea of what you want, so be sure to bring some pictures along. Even if you aren’t very design-oriented, you can find plenty of pictures online to give a sense of what you’re looking for. Consider how hands-on you’d like to be or if you’d rather let them take the lead. Make sure that you cover any special situations as well, such as informing them of allergies you or your family might have or asking whether they focus on sustainable or green solutions in their designs if this is important to you. You’ll also need to go over practicalities, such as getting an idea of how long it will take and making sure your schedules line up. At this point, barring any major red flags, you’re mostly looking for a sense of compatibility. There’s a good chance you’ll simply have a gut feeling about which person will be best for you and your project.


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